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Change Management a Key Part of Consolidation Plans

06/12/2014 by: The SunView Team

Data center consolidation is an incredibly complex process that pushes IT teams to make a number of strategic changes to ensure a smooth migration. According to a recent Federal Times report, government data center consolidation plans are behind schedule and tension is beginning to surround the initiative.

Some of the problem, the news source explained, may stem from the fact that a recent Government Accountability Office study found that the number of government data centers has actually risen, not declined, over the course of the consolidation effort.


Change management platforms can help organizations avoid running into problems of this sort. Many operational or technical challenges can contribute to struggles with data center consolidation plans. As such, it is critical that businesses find ways to schedule organize and coordinate operations to ensure processes are completed on time and in the right order.

Proper scheduling can ensure that data center consolidation projects get completed with minimal downtime. Furthermore, organizations that combine change management functionality with a CMDB can get the visibility that is needed to resolve unexpected problems that come up over the course of a complex project like a consolidation.