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Capture Complete Collaboration with Enterprise Service Desk Solutions

03/18/2016 by: The SunView Team

"Collaboration," a word peppered throughout boardroom conversations so frequently, it may lead some to suspect it will eventually lose its vitality like so many buzzwords before it, if it hasn't already.

A shame, really. Collaboration shouldn't be stripped of its power, especially as modern enterprise begins to match its stride against the rhythm of the digital age. Companies can no longer stand idly by and let their fears of innovation push them to resist consummate information technology integration - by doing so, they'll effectively deprive their staff of useful channels for next-generation communication capabilities.

IT service management, as both a cultural shift within a given enterprise as well as a data infrastructure, is just one collaborative engine, but arguably the most powerful. Service desk solutions within ITSM suites in particular offer a lot to be desired for businesses seeking to jump-start collaboration internally.

Continuous Integration is No Longer a Differentiator
Call it a joy, call it a curse, but these days when a commercial trend catches fire, no business benefits from ignoring it.

Continuous integration is much, much more than the latest tech fad, but the same principle applies. According to All Things ITSM, as of this year, adaptive strategies for handling IT service requests are the norm, not the exception. Be they software updates, security-focused configuration changes or patches, IT teams require a manageable, streamlined pipe to funnel any changes starting at a single point of contact and stretching all the way to the backdoor of its products or the employee-facing applications it uses regularly.

Service desks lay the groundwork for this connection, giving businesses who incorporate them the opportunity to stay relevant and competitive by establishing the baseline for a modern, interdepartmental system for enterprise communication.

Collaboration Drives Employee Engagement
The truest test for whether new processes will integrate smoothly and succeed lies with employees. Will they take to these alterations like ducks to water? Or will they sink like brick?

An international poll from Deloitte found access to digital collaboration tools made employees "17 percentage points more satisfied with their workplace." How does one measure this kind of satisfaction? Deloitte's respondents cited improved productivity, transparency, morale and the general quality of the communication passing between workers.

Service desks definitely fit into the picture here, as they have the power to impact each of these areas positively. Developers and IT operations can aggregate all incidents and problems through one portal and make the information therein easily accessible to authorized personnel at any stage of the process, as well as automate low-value tasks. After all, when employees can focus on big-picture issues instead of scrambling to put out every little IT fire, everyone has more time to work together.

DevOps Really Doesn't Work Without It
The era of IT silos has officially come to an end with DevOps. In merging software development with on-site operations, enterprise IT can push out practical and intelligent application changes as fast as their techies can type out code. Better still, with no barriers between them, these once segmented forces are free to collaborate in new and exciting ways.

However, as we've discussed in previous articles, every engine needs a power source. Likewise, every DevOps team needs a service desk to feed it request tickets to prioritize and address. Without this centralized bank capturing the entire picture of what IT has on its plate on any given day, DevOps can't accurately plan what's most important in the moment, an indispensable tidbit of information no collaboration would be completely without.

So remember, IT service managers: Save the jargon for the quarterly meetings. Advancing collaboration with service desk solutions means too much to day-to-day operational efficiency to speak about it in the abstract.