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BYOD by the Numbers

10/24/2012 by: The SunView Team

In my ongoing series on BYOD, I was scouring the web for some great stats and came across BYOD and Virtualization, Insights from the Cisco IBSG Horizons Study on the Infoworld site. In this report from May, they surveyed 600 IT leaders in 18 industries, validating the current trend findings noted by others in my research.

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So toady's BYOD post is all about the numbers. Good numbers and bad, the numbers tell the story. Ok, let's start with the most obvious numbers. 88% of IT leaders in this survey were seeing BYOD growth within their companies. And, 76% see BYOD as a positive for their companies. These are important numbers to consider. Nearly 9 in 10 are seeing growth in the BYOD, I can only guess the other 12% aren't really looking. But I really like that ¾ of those surveyed feel that BYOD is a good thing. And the reasons they feel this way?

Well, the number 1 reason is they think BYOD improves employee productivity and allow more opportunity for collaboration. The second reason, allowing employees to use their preferred device equates to greater job satisfaction, which of course leads to many other areas of happy employees.

The most interesting study results slide was the value of BYOD by role. Although I have no idea how they came to the dollar value, the comparison is telling.

Employee Role
The area of added value
The dollar value added
Field Sales
Customer face time
Knowledge Worker
Gen Y New Hire
Employee retention
Homeshoring Employee
Asset use

So, how are the survey respondent's IT organizations supporting BYOD within their environment? 36% are supporting all devices, with another 48% supporting selected devices. That is an amazing number, 84% are providing a degree of support. This sounds like a great opportunity to improve the IT organization's use of ITIL-based frameworks for both the Service Desk and the Service Catalog.

And of course, the number 1 concern over BYOD is the threat to security and the privacy of company data. The number 2 concern is the need to provide support for multiple platforms. These 2 concerns are driving many IT organizations to either begin to implement a CMDB solution or to expand their CMDB by tracking BYOD.

Flickr Image: vernieman