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BYOD and your CMDB: 5 Thoughts on the iPhone 5

10/01/2012 by: The SunView Team

In my continuing series on BYOD, this post is all about the iPhone 5. I have been "silently" following all of the hype and criticism for the past few weeks since the pre-launch hysteria. Yes, I have retweeted several blog posts and articles and added some to our Daily News. But, I have not posted my own thoughts.

Of course, BYOD devices, including the iPhone 5, are making a serious impact on the IT organization. If you are not currently tracking all of the Configuration Items (CIs) related to BYOD, you should consider it soon. The best way to track BYOD is through your CMDB. Oh, you don't have a robust CMDB solution. Check out our free guide by clicking on the offer below.

What percentage of your enterprise staff are using their smartphones to keep in constant touch with their job? I am sure the number is growing every single day. And in order to have full access to their email and calendar, noting just 2 common uses , they probably require some support from your Help/Service Desk. Are you aware that when your users sync their older iPhones they are being asked to upgrade to the new iOS? Do you know that they can't go back???

The iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, but what about users of older iPhones. In a recent post, Apple iOS 6 woes: Save the blobs if you need to downgrade, by Gina Smith, she gives a step by step jailbreak-based solution. The only caveat, you have to perform some of the steps BEFORE THE UPGRADE, if a downgrade is needed! The suggested tool, TinyUmbrella will save critical SHSH blob files. But, according to some of the comments, following the steps, some are still having errors. You may be able to downgrade your users older iPhone to a previous iOS, but the bottom line, if you don't have the blob files, your users will have to make do with the new iOS.

One of the big changes in the iPhone 5 is the cable with the Lightning Plug. The plug is 80% smaller than Apple's 30 pin connector. Although it has always been a pain to insure you plug in the iPhone correctly with the older cable, most users are not thrilled with a new cable. Now, I am not saying that I have a B&O docking station, but if you actually have the BeoSound, you will need a $29 adaptor, which means all of that cool design that went into your amazing docking station just got trashed. Well, back to the IT Organization's issues, if you are providing the smartphones, you may now need to provide a new set of cables, car chargers and adaptors.

I guess, if there is any good news about the new iPhone 5 for the IT organization, it is that sales were dramatically below analyst expectations due to the limited supply. That is if you think selling only 5 million units is limited! Before the launch, speculation was that Apple would not be able to keep up with demand, but launch was expected to sell 10 million units. So, maybe your IT organization will only have half of the new expected iPhones to manage. But, the holidays are coming. And the season is expected to drive more BYOD into your enterprise, undoubtedly many new users.

Have you been tracking your tickets related to BYOD. If not, you will be surprised. You should see a spike following the launch of new Apple products and the first of the year. If your team actually repairs your user's broken smartphones, then you will want to see this excellent slideshow of Cracking Open the Apple iPhone 5 by Bill Detwiler.

Finally, in an unprecedented move, the Apple CEO actually apologized for their substandard map app! As Vissini says in Princess Bride, "As I told you, it would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable." Well, when you push a product onto your gazillion customers, it better be the best, or "Lucy, you got some ‘splainin' to do."