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Beyond Logistics, IT in Education

05/20/2013 by: The SunView Team

As the end of another school year approaches, it is time to think not just about the prom and graduation ceremonies, but also about the technology behind education. Although I am still a fan of the Commencement Speech, IT in education, may be all about administration.

Since the early days of LMS, IT has been a major contributor to the learning sector. In many ways, education administration is all about getting 30 students into a class at a particular time and moving them from room to room until completion for K-12 or 4 year universities. Yes, educational administration has always been about logistics. But in the report by David R. Johnson, "Technological Change and Professional Control in the Professoriate," he makes the case that the overwhelming classroom use of IT is not for teaching or learning, it is for the backbone of education, the ease of administration.

If you are in education IT, then some, if not most, of your day is undoubtedly spent on the logistics of education. One tool that is vital for that effort is the IT Service Desk. If you are interested in a modern easy to use, quick to implement solution, take a test drive today.

I discovered the Johnson article from a commentary by John Barnes, posted in Information Week. In The 2 Faces Of IT In Education, he points out that the heated conversation around Johnson's article has 4 general camps.

• Wicked faculty won't give innovative technology a chance because they don't want the world to make progress.

• Wicked IT staff have taken massive bribes from outside consultants who are trying to force colleges to spend their budgets on useless software instead of actual instruction.

• Stupid faculty don't want to learn new ways.

• Stupid IT people don't care about learning (which they call "content") but only about the technique of delivery.

Most assuredly, the argument can be made that IT is not being well utilized for pedagogy - the science and art of education. Instead, IT in education is a perfect fit for the logistics, or administration of education. Can it be used more effectively for "the full development of the human being to skills acquisition," you bet.

If you are using IT to better education, let our readers know how you are driving improvements in learning, as well as administration.

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