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Automation in the Data Center - Don't Ignore the Service Desk

02/25/2014 by: The SunView Team

Intelligent management solutions are gaining prominence in the data center. With more organizations exploring solutions that introduce automation and intelligent principles into technology management, it is important to not neglect the IT service desk.

It can be easy for organizations struggling to deal with complexity and risk in the data center to focus so much on solving their infrastructure management challenges that they neglect to put enough effort into finding the right service desk to meet their needs. However, businesses that engage in advanced strategies to improve data center management can apply those principles to the service desk to create a holistic service delivery scheme that delivers considerable business value. Furthermore, sophisticated service management systems could prove integral to effectively supporting advanced data center management solutions.

Intelligent infrastructure management on the rise
According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, advances in the intelligent infrastructure management industry have made such solutions a much more viable option for businesses. At the same time, data center infrastructure is becoming so complex to manage that many IT teams are facing overwhelming process environments. The problem has become so severe that many IT managers find themselves giving in to the realization that their data center environment will fail at some point, the only question left is when. All of this uncertainty is a symptom of an underlying issue facing traditional IT management schemes - inefficient manual processes.

The news source explained that manual processes are limiting IT's ability to respond to problems in increasingly complex and large-scale data center environments. As such, the recent increase in accessibility for intelligent infrastructure management systems is well timed. In the past, most intelligent infrastructure management solutions needed highly-specialized network installations. Emerging systems, however, have been developed to integrate well with existing networks, making it easy to employ automation within the infrastructure management sphere.

Extending automation to the service desk
Organizations that want to maximize the value of their IT services need to take automation used to support infrastructure and extend it throughout the entire service delivery landscape. This often means investing in advanced IT service desk solutions that feature modules for such functions as change and problem management, process automation and even line-of-business process management. These tools enable service desk personnel to align operations with technological and corporate requirements, maximizing the value of technology for the business.

Employing automation to manage data center infrastructure is important, but the complexity currently facing data center managers extends throughout the enterprise, making advanced management tools key in the service desk.

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