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Automated Service Desk Tools Can Help IT Leaders Take on Strategic Role

10/01/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk, Business Process, Process automation

The Nexus of Forces, as identified by Gartner, is pushing IT leaders to take on a more strategic role in business operations. A recent report from Gartner explained that cloud, mobile and social technologies are beginning to permeate every phase of corporate operations. As a result, IT leaders must take on a guiding role in a company's broad digital strategy.

Marcus Blosch, research vice president for Gartner, explained that business leaders are often the ones pushing CIOs to take on a new strategic role.

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"Senior business executives are challenging CIOs and their IT organizations to be at the front of digital strategy, identifying innovative new business models and technologies, and getting more business value out of each technology investment," said Blosch. "Enterprise architects can provide unique capabilities to help CIOs develop a new agenda for 'hunting and harvesting' in a digital world."

Service desk solutions that include elements of process automation can go a long way toward helping IT teams take on this strategic role in corporate processes.

Automation, the service desk and business processes
Advanced service desk solutions enable IT managers to automate basic help requests. This can be used for any process that can be completed the same way each time it is performed. When these processes are automated, IT managers can instead focus on operations that require more thought and focus. This simultaneously improves IT efficiency and creates time for innovative and revenue-generating projects.

Advanced service desks that offer solutions for change management and automation can lead to much more advanced IT operations. However, automation functions can also be applied to business unit processes. This is especially important as non-technology departments become more dependent on advanced applications and services.

Applying IT automation principles to business processes
The process automation solutions used in IT service desk settings can pay major dividends when put into play in settings like human resources, accounting and other departments. Business departments begin taking on technology processes themselves when they depend more on advanced technological services. Processes like updating personnel files and keeping databases in order feature change processes that are built on the same concepts of IT change.

When dealing with these types of processes, companies can take the automation principles of their service desk and apply them to other parts of the business. Some leading service desk vendors are beginning to catch on to this functionality and provide customers with the kind of flexibility they need to move service desk-based modules into other facets of operations.