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The Apple-ization of IT: 5 Apple Products That Will Invade Your Service Desk

11/17/2011 by: The SunView Team

Windows has always been my preferred operating system. While I never saw the anguish that many claimed Vista provided, XP was surely a great OS, and Windows 7 is a strong second place in my book (literally, my laptop runs Win7). Without a doubt, I see myself continuing to use Windows, and their suite of products for quite some time. Pleasantries aside, while I may be tied to Microsoft's offerings now, the landscape, especially among Service Desks and IT Organizations may see a new contender sooner rather than later.

In fact, it's quite likely that you have already seen members of this new order parading around as business devices, in the form of iPhones, in your organization. Perhaps even, a rogue iPad, or 2, has made its way into meetings and test programs. Of course, all this makes sense, as both are viable technologies and are starting to prove worth above and beyond the current offering(s) in the vertical market like RIM, and the Blackberry family of products.

Unfortunately, one thing many service desks tend to possess is a sort of disdain for Apple technology, but more directly almost anything not related to Windows. I might even go as far to say that a number of individuals, at least some I have worked with, abhor the idea of having to support anything not tied to Microsoft.

Ultimately, whether or not Apple proves to be the Windows end game that some announce (and Microsoft sees as poppycock), doesn't change much. The rapid adoption of new, consumer-driven technology represents a mobilized work force. This means the changing scope of supported devices is happening, whether you choose to accept that or not. In the long term, be sure to familiarize yourself with best practices for managing these changes. In the short term, we've created a list of five Apple products that will most likely invade a Service Desk near you.


Excluding all the personal implementations of iPhones, most are only carried by elite management or executives at this time. However, iPhones are the most likely candidate for the first wave of the invasion. Once these hit, the remaining apple products fall in place very nicely.


Into their second generation, and not losing any popularity, these devices are mainly in a test phase as companies figure out exactly how to make the best use of them. While they can't replace desktops and laptops just yet, they are working nicely in certain scenarios, training and field work being the top two.


Once you see the hardware in your organization, the support of iOS is unavoidable. Of course, iOS has its own nuances and in no way is it perfect. Applications can tend to have varying reliability, while OS updates seem easy, they can also cause a number of unexpected problems.


This is for music right? Well, you are half way there. It's also the only way to get applications to the device. While you may have prevented the install of this application in the past, Apple hardware dictates its use going forward.


Previous versions of the OS required you to dock with a PC to upgrade and to backup data. The iCloud eliminates this need, but present yet another application you will need to understand and be able to walk users through, at least at a basic level.

Image: Flickr | ollesvensson