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And the Oscar for ITIL goes to the IT Organization

01/14/2013 by: The SunView Team

The Oscar nominations are out and your IT Organization's efforts can be compared to some of the year's most amazing films. First off is of course, Best Picture. This year, there are 9 nominees, including frontrunners Lincoln and Life of Pi. Wow, how many of the noms have you seen? Well, that is the whole idea behind the Oscars; publicity = ticket sales.

Now, if we correlate the ticket "sales" in the IT Organization, then we can really see the winners and losers as far as SLA impact is concerned. If your Service Desk is up to snuff with your ITIL-based implementation then you can easily track the most impacted Configuration Items or CIs in your enterprise. This is the time to make a plan for Change and Release for the biggest problems.

If your Service Desk is not award winning, start to build your box office clout with the free offer below.

So, for best actor/actress, Daniel Day-Lewis and Jessica Chastain are my faves. The award for best IT actor/actress goes to the Service Desk Manager for always grinning and bearing it.Their performance this year was memorable.

The Best Director favorite is Steven Spielberg and in the IT Organization we know that goes to drum roll please! The CTO - gets the award for being the face of IT. The runner ups are numerous, but nobody ever remembers those who came in a close second. Congratulations! After the ceremonies, the honoree will be signing 8x10 glossies in the theater lobby for all of the fans. Such an honor.

Best costumes, unlike those in Anna Karenina, goes to the Service Desk afternoon shift. They not only exceeded all office dress etiquette this year, but during the Halloween costume contest, the afternoon shift actually displayed their true fashion colors. Way to go team!

It is imperative for us to recognize the best of the best. And the IT Organization should recognize the overall best "picture" - in our case, the Help Desk / Service Desk. Why, the Service Desk you ask. Check out my earlier post on Doing the Math for Service Desk ROI. "When users are asked to name the items that are very important in overall satisfaction with IT, they name Service Desk (84%) and Desktop Support (47%). Wow, the numbers are staggering. This isn't satisfaction with the Service Desk, this is satisfaction with the IT department."

Congratulations, come up and accept your award.

"I would like to thank all of the little people who made this moment possible - of course my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. White was my inspiration to help others. But, the majority of my thanks go to the academy, the United Kingdom's Office of Government Commerce (OGC) that helped to set the standards for today's Service Desk and allow us to be the great team that we are."

If you want to play along with the best Hollywood has to offer, check out the "My Picks" on the Oscar site. Congratulations to all the winners. Please promptly pick up your trophies and get back to work!

Flickr Image:Elsie esq.