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Agile for Software Development and Beyond

05/22/2013 by: The SunView Team

Agile Methodology, ITIL

Those of us that are in the field of software development are already familiar with Agile Methodologies for the development process. At SunView Software we use Agile everyday for our development and find it valuable. You can read some excellent articles by our CTO, Russ Miller: 4 Tips to Increase Velocity in Your ITIL-Based Change Process and 5 Steps to Integrate ITIL into Agile Process.

Have you considered utilizing Agile methodologies throughout your enterprise?
Agile in the enterprise requires a strong backbone, I feel that the first step is to create strong processes - both within the IT Organization and across the enterprise. This should include an ITIL-based framework that has workflows that are easily cusomized to meet the process needs each department.

If you do not have a good backbone for processes management in place, then you should consider the offer below.

50 Questions for Building ITSM Requirements

In the Open Group's whitepaper, World-Class EA: The Agile Enterprise, the authors provide an overview of implementing Agile Methodology throughout the enterprise. In the first section, they provide an overview of Agile Behaviors:

  • Responsiveness to Change
  • Value-Driven
  • Practical Experimentation
  • Empowered, Self-Managing Teams
  • Customer Communication and Collaboration
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Respect for People

The second section entitled Organizational Capabilities really brings Agile Methodologies to the enterprise.

Having outlined how the application of agile behaviors can provide value in addressing the industry challenges, in this section we consider the organizational capabilities required to put these new behaviors into practice. These capabilities span the aspects of people, process, and technology and, while all aspects are important, the priorities typically vary across each of the four themes:

  • Customer-Centric
  • Internal Efficiency
  • Product-Centric
  • Regulatory Requirements

People need to be developed to understand agile ways of working - accepting the importance of
communication and collaboration, and the greater initial ambiguity as to the final result.

Processes need to be adapted to allow for agile approaches - in particular, the more iterative approach and the greater emphasis on interactions over documentation.

Technology investments have historically had a long lead-time; therefore, new approaches to technology development and acquisition are needed.
Technology can also act as an enabler, automating mundane activities and facilitating collaboration.

Agile methodologies are sound practice for every organization. Trying to implement them into your current environment can be a challenge. But this whitepaper is a great place to start to envision a process driven environment that is fast and nimble, yet still follows proven process models like those build with ITIL as their foundation.

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