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Advancing the Service Desk in Response to Cloud Complexity

10/10/2013 by: The SunView Team

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Many organizations find themselves mired in legacy, simplistic or homegrown IT help desk systems that may be scraping by, but are bursting at the seams.

This problem is exacerbated as new IT challenges arise, heralded by technological trends like big data, cloud computing and widespread mobile device use. Advancing the help desk to more robust service desk or IT service management principles is becoming necessary in many situations.

IT leaders that want to keep pace with rising technology challenges may need to get moving, as a recent CompTIA study found that more businesses are turning to multi-cloud models that add another layer of functionality, and complexity, to corporate cloud strategies.

Understanding the multi-cloud configuration
According to the news source, many businesses have begun combining multiple public cloud services from different providers or using a combination of public and private cloud systems in conjunction with one another to gain access to more robust technology configurations. Seth Robinson, director of technology analysis and market research for CompTIA, explained that the rise of the multi-cloud in organizations often comes once companies have established the cloud as part of their general IT operations.

"Once companies hit a stage where they are using cloud systems as a standard part of IT architecture, they weigh the pros and cons of various providers and models and continually shift to achieve the optimal mix," said Robinson. "A healthy percentage of companies are moving from one public cloud provider to another, moving from a public cloud provider to their own private cloud, or moving applications back on-premises."

Dealing with more complex IT setups
A simple, traditional technology architecture may be manageable enough that companies can get by with a basic help desk. However, more complicated configurations require better functionality to support incident tracking, problem identification and change management. A more complex IT setup requires a more sophisticated service management framework.

A multi-cloud system creates multiple layers of complexity that IT teams must tackle through a combination of precision and efficiency that may be unattainable with a legacy help desk solution. Evolving into a more robust help desk, service desk or ITSM setup gives companies the tools they need to provide better oversight over different technology solutions, applications and service level agreements.

The end result is a more refined, streamlined IT management configuration that makes it easier to deal with technological diversity, such as multi-cloud setups.