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Advanced Service Desk Systems Can Help Users Solve Their Own Issues

10/02/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk, Help Desk

Many incidents that end up with a service ticket at the help desk are simple problems that pretty much any user can solve. In the past, IT teams were tasked with these basic problems because they were the only ones with the authorization and the background knowledge necessary to consistently resolve basic technology incidents. As the consumerization of IT movement takes a firm hold among many businesses, companies could begin using advanced service desk architectures to enable users to solve their own incidents.

The IT department's role in consumerized environments
As the consumerization of IT movement takes hold, it is important to first note that IT departments are still vital. A recent Wired report explained that consumerization does not make IT irrelevant. Instead, consumerization turns IT teams into gatekeepers that must take on a more strategic service management role.

This begs the question - how can IT workers focus on strategic aspects of operations when they are spending most of their time dealing with basic, day-to-day problems? The solution could be to use an advanced service desk that enables business users to resolve their own technology incidents.

Taking advantage of consumerization to simplify IT management
Cloud and mobile technologies are foundational to the consumerization of IT movement, but the common overarching theme that is driving consumerization is that people are becoming more tech-savvy in general. The ability to access advanced technologies without having to understand any of the background that goes into managing them is combining with the widespread use of powerful consumer devices to give people a better understanding of how to actually manage and implement their own solutions.

The product that the end user sees is more approachable, and many consumers have become competent at using forums, online chat functions and blogs to identify why an application, device or service is not working properly. IT teams can leverage this comfort to deal with incident management more effectively.

Advanced service desks often include the ability to establish forums and knowledge centers that enable users to resolve basic technologies issues without having to submit a support ticket. This allows IT teams to identify common incidents, detail the solution for users and let them look up their problem and resolve it quickly. In the end, business teams end up more productive because they are not waiting on IT administrators who are trying to solve a wide range of problems over the course of a day.

User knowledge centers can present IT management teams with a situation in which business users can resolve their incidents quickly, and technology workers can focus more time and energy on strategic issues and major problems.