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A Smarter Planet Demands Better Service Management

01/02/2014 by: The SunView Team

IBM recently released its A Smarter Planet 5 in 5 study indicating five key trends that are likely to have a major impact on the world during the next five years. The analysis focused, in this case, on the way intelligent devices and services are evolving to the point that everything we interact with will be able to learn. Whether it be machines equipped with cognitive system technologies, specialized learning software or cloud services that tap into big data to understand us better, the future is shaping up to be a time in which the intelligent device, Internet of things, cloud and big data movements collide in a meaningful way.

Understanding the Future of a World that Learns from People
This move toward intelligent devices that learn about us based on our tendencies when interacting with them could prove incredibly impactful in a variety of industries. The 5 in 5 analysis explained that education, for example, could be transformed as classroom technologies gain the ability to identify the abilities of individuals students based on interactions and tailor activities accordingly.

Similarly, security solutions may eventually be able to so closely understand a person's practices that they are able to identify the individual and protect against online threats without needing passwords and similar means of authentication, the report explained.

The intelligent device revolution is also likely to have a major impact on how people interact with cities and towns as advanced navigation and social tools take hold, the report said. On top of this, healthcare and retail trends will also adjust to the increased availability of devices and software that make it possible to use personal data in more efficient ways.

Getting the Service Desk Ready for the Future
As IBM stated, this move toward intelligent devices is really built around how cloud computing and big data make it much easier to not only collect, but use large quantities of consumer information.

Though the end user may only see a GPS application that can also suggest restaurants in the area, the background technology supporting a simple, albeit exciting, function are incredibly complex. This represents a major service management challenge for IT leaders, as they will need to ensure the configuration is able to not only meet all of these demands, but do so without risk. If intelligent devices and data are going to be central to so many day-to-day functions, the end result is a situation in which people become even more dependent on technology. Because of this, advanced service and change management solutions are necessary to support operations and eliminate risk.

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