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7 Tech Trends to NOT Watch

03/18/2013 by: The SunView Team

There is always a lot of buzz in the tech world around the next big thing and the trends to watch. Of course, we in the IT Organization are constantly interested in not only what's new, but also what will impact our processes in the near future.

If you are a big fan of the analysts, then you may be a follower of their vision for the future of IT and the trends that they report on. If on the other hand, you find some of their prognostication to be just a bit too close to promotion, then you might suspect that there is a conflict of interest with the "Chinese wall" between analyst and sales. Last year some of the analysts were excited by the Gamification of the Service Desk, while others warned of it not matching the business objective. If you are interested, you can read my blog posts on gamification.

The best way to be prepared for all of the change coming to the IT Organization is to have a change and release process in place. If you are looking for a solution, check out the best practices offer below.

I really like the recent post by InformationWeek's Editor, Chris Murphy, 7 Tech Trends CIOs Call Overrated. He exposes some of the smoke and mirrors around the current IT buzzwords with quotes taken from InformationWeek's CIO Profiles series.

Here are the 7 overrated trends:

Cloud Computing ROI

Although there are several advantages to cloud computing, some of the solutions offered are much more expensive than competitive on-premises options. As always, be sure that your investment in IT solutions are well researched and provide measurable ROI.


Kenneth Shulman, Broadview Networks CIO: "Outsourcing is overrated, though we've leveraged it in certain areas with great success. If you read the trade press uncritically, you'd conclude that if you're not outsourcing help desk, support or development, you're missing the boat. Frankly, it has its place and offers benefits, but there are hidden costs that are often overlooked."

Business-Tech Misalignment
Although I have often mentioned the misalignment of IT and the enterprise in my writings, I am not surprised that it is on Chris Murphy's list. Alignment is vital for the IT Organization to drive efficiencies throughout the enterprise. But all that it takes is listening to your line-of-business customers in order to better understand their needs.

Big vs. small data
I have blogged about Big Data previously. The thing about big data, is that it is a huge opportunity for companies to understand everything about their business and their customers and their€¦ Oh, there lies the problem. What do you want to know and why? With enough resources and terabytes of storage, the IT Organization can capture an enormous amount of data, sort it and report on it - to what value?

Consumerization of IT
If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, then you will know that I have written several blog posts on BYOD and the consumerization of IT. I feel that it is a trend that is not only big, but having a huge impact on every IT Organization. If you are prepared, currently supporting numerous platforms and devices and your enterprise has a robust BYOD policy in place, then you are ready to face the challenges and it is no longer a "big thing" for your team. Although it may still be a big user of Service Desk resources.

Cloud Computing Ease of Use
There is still a long way to come for the average user to be 100% comfortable with the use of the cloud for all of their computing. It is not really easy to do if you are a non-tech type; it is not 100% reliable; it is not totally secure€¦ of course the weakest security link is the end user. Until there is failsafe security, I do not feel that the end user is ready for all things computing to be in the cloud.

Tech Panaceas

Keith J. Figlioli, Premier CIO: "The IT industry tends to come up with a big, sexy term to try and get the mainstream to adopt all the things that term can solve, when it usually can't. The industry needs to walk a fine line on over-marketing IT compared with what we're actually trying to accomplish."

So what trends do you think are overrated, overanalyzed, or just over the top? Let me know.

Image by MidCenturyFLA