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7 Reasons to Love ITSM in 2015

02/13/2015 by: The SunView Team

Valentine's Day is upon us again folks. And while you may want to start thinking about that special someone, we can't help but focus on that special technology that gives so much to businesses the world over - IT service management. ITSM technologies sometimes fly under the radar and go under-appreciated despite the results they deliver. So let's take a moment and create a quick Valentine's card with seven reasons why we are still head-over-heels in love with ITSM in 2015:

1. It helps us keep up with new technology
We are amidst an era of IT innovation with cloud computing, big data, video, mobile device use and major network disruption all happening at once. ITSM solutions are always there in the background, helping technology and support teams deal with this change and support better processes so we can keep up with new industry demands.

2. It helps us work better
The days of needing to know every detail of every process, all the time, are gone. ITSM tools provide key process management functionality that help IT and support teams focus on high-thinking tasks while the software keeps all of the background process tasks organized for us.

3. It saves us from paperwork
Documentation can be the arch enemy of just about any technology worker, but it has always been a necessary evil. The process automation tools in many ITSM modules will document many operations for us, saving us from the tedious, mind-numbing process of writing down every detail of the work we do.

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4. It helps us align with business
For IT associates, it is still easy to look at average enterprise employees as tech Luddites that would be utterly lost in a data center. This doesn't exactly foster a good business-IT partnership, but that's okay because ITSM tools like a good service desk and even self-service portals let users get the help they need in an intuitive way and give us the data we need to fine tune our services based on end-user requirements.

5. It delivers on its promises for efficiency
How often are we told that a solution will make our life easier only to have it be annoyingly disruptive? ITSM solutions have a track record on taking the initial promises of efficiency and delivering above and beyond through intuitive process management tools, collaboration systems that ease the burden of communicating with co-workers and authorization systems that let managers do what they need to do without getting in the way of our everyday tasks.

6. It saves us from trouble
An extended downtime event can cause major career problems for any IT operator, and even a small outage will completely ruin an otherwise good week for IT and support teams. ITSM solutions have our back, giving us the reminders and authorization tools we need to avoid silly mistakes. They also handle so many background processes on their own that we can focus on the most important tasks and perform them more effectively. Add in more transparency to the configuration through CMDB systems and similar solutions and we are left with ITSM as a solution that keeps us out of a great deal of trouble.

7. It saves us money
All of these ITSM functions come together to create a huge return on investment that doesn't just make us look good in the eyes of the CFO, but also helps IT and support teams reduce day-to-day operational costs in a meaningful way.

There's a lot to love about ITSM solutions, something that stands out as we enter a season when our focus is placed on the things that need appreciation in our lives.