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5 Ways to Prove the Importance of the Service Desk

08/31/2015 by: The SunView Team

The IT service desk plays a critical role in helping organizations support business users and make sure enterprise technology works as consistently as it should. This primary role for the service desk creates a situation in which most corporate leaders look at IT service management solutions as a cost sink. ITSM solutions are a necessary component of doing business, but executives can often be unwilling to put significant resources into the technology due to the unseen, and unrealized, potential that an ITSM solution can offer an organization.

With that in mind, here are five ways that you can demonstrate the value of a service desk to your organization:

1. Utilize Metrics

Key performance indicators that show how the service desk has improved employee efficiency, data that showcases improved incident resolution times, and information pertaining to uptime improvements can all help you show business leaders that your service desk system can deliver value that extends beyond basic support.

Metrics can be used for more than just demonstrating service desk value as well. Service desk tools can also be used to gather operational data to create consistent value after the solution is put into place. Many support solutions feature business intelligence tools that have visualization capabilities, allowing you to quickly identify how well the solution is working and maximizing its value.

2. Highlight Staff Development

Many organizations face huge roadblocks when it comes to developing their service desk staff. Most companies, however, also realize that employees are their most valuable assets. With so many support teams not having the time to spend on training due to day-to-day operations, intelligent service desk investments can help organizations streamline so many processes that they create enough time to start training initiatives.

3. Integrate Business Processes

With more organizations becoming dependent on IT tools in traditional business environments, employees find themselves needing to collaborate with both IT and tech support teams on a day-to-day basis. Integrating service desk processes with these business operations can lead to significant efficiency gains within a business, creating a clear return on investment. With the increased focused on business operations, anyone can appreciate these potential gains with all facets of an organization benefiting.

4. Emphasize Regulatory Compliance

Business leaders are heavily aware of the reputation-related damages, fines and other problems that come with any form of regulatory breach. Because of this, executives will often be willing to put significant resources into solutions that improve the company's ability to comply with regulatory standards. Change management technologies and other advanced service desk tools are prime examples of solutions that lead to significant regulatory compliance gains, and emphasizing this potential can help you get executives to support new investments.

5. Showcase Potential Flexibility

Many business leaders have had experiences with technology solutions that lock them into specific operational methodologies or capabilities, leaving the organization struggling to keep up with changes in its industry. Because of these problems, there is a growing emphasis on flexibility within a business' technology suite, and this agility is becoming a must-have in a service desk solution.

Modern IT service desk solutions are built to deliver flexibility on both technical and operational levels. The result is an environment in which organizations become more flexible and capable of responding to a wide range of operational circumstances.

The IT service desk is evolving quickly and support leaders that can convince business executives to put significant resources into advanced ITSM platforms can set the stage for significant value creation throughout the organization.

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