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5 Ways to Leverage Service Desk Efficiency

11/26/2014 by: The SunView Team

An efficient service desk has the potential to deliver incredible value to business users. Enterprise employees are becoming more dependent on IT systems all the time, creating an environment in which they expect more responsive, adaptable IT services. The result is an operational climate in which efficiency becomes a greater priority among service desk employees. Becoming more efficient isn't easy, however, and organizations that want a more effective service desk are going to need to put some resources into optimizing IT service management systems.

Striving for efficiency isn't simple, but here are five ways you can deliver success in this area:

1. Automate Intelligently
Automation is a great tool for the service desk. You can take various repeatable processes and incidents that are always resolved the same way and create a script to automate them. Automation can be a perfect tool to take some of the tedious and time-consuming functions that the service desk team needs to complete and take care of them without human input. The efficiency benefits are pretty clear here, but it is possible to automate in problematic ways. Automating too many processes, particularly operations that require some human input, can create problems if those scripts still require human input or if the system ends up automating things incorrectly.

Intelligently automating different processes can reduce the workload for the service desk team and help improve day-to-day efficiency.

2. Use Knowledge Effectively
Many service desk solutions come with knowledge centers that let you record common incidents and their resolution alongside other key details of how the service desk operates. This information can prove vital in helping new service desk employees get familiar with various operations quickly. At the same time, more experienced employees can efficiently relearn basic tasks that they may not have had to deal with for a while. This information can make it much easier to quickly resolve incidents.

3. Take Advantage of Business Intelligence
Where knowledge is all about things your staff has learned about how the service desk operates and what users need. Business intelligence is about taking a deep look at data pertaining to the service desk and making more intelligent decisions on how to manage the staff. Business intelligence solutions can also help you choose the best modules to invest in and establish ideal workforce management strategies.

4. Get User Input
Your service desk users can tell you a lot about what is working well and what isn't. Taking time to get your support workers to talk about areas where they run into inefficiencies can provide vital insight into where you can make key efficiency upgrades that have a direct impact on the pain points your users are experiencing.

5. Get the Right Modules
Incident, problem and change management aren't the only solutions you can deploy to optimize your service desk. CMDBs, release management modules, self-service tools and similar advanced service desk platforms can help you unlock the full potential of your support teams. You don't necessarily want to invest in every module out there, as you probably won't use them all, but you can invest strategically to tackle the various pain points that exist on your service desk or get ahead for future projects.

Establishing an efficient service desk is critical when trying to offer the responsiveness that end-users require. An efficient service desk enables organizations to minimize downtime, maximize productivity and make the most of the support workers they have on staff. The end result is significant value creation. A good service desk will create a return on investment by improving IT stability and supporting users more effectively. As such, maximizing efficiency in the service desk can lead to significant returns later down the line.

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