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5 Ways the ChangeGear Platform Will Improve Your Life

02/07/2014 by: The SunView Team

Let's take a moment to look at the things that really can make life difficult for IT managers. You get issues like constant glitches, non-technology workers thinking they know more than they do and complex environments that need to be managed with as few resources as possible. All of these concerns present major challenges, but if you had to choose one problem, what would it be? For many IT leaders, the clearest answer is regulatory compliance.

Many regulatory standards have this wonderful way of telling you the exact extent to which you need to protect data and keep it private, but purposely leaving the technical side of things broad. This makes some sense, as every business has such a varied environment that overly-specific technical instructions would create more problems than it solves. But the decision to keep technology broad leaves you to not only make sense of incredibly complex legal language, but also interpret that information into a technical setup that properly complies with regulations and protects data. The end result is an incredibly challenging situation, but a good service management solution, like ChangeGear, can make your life much easier in this area. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Track processes more effectively
Many regulatory standards mandate that organizations are able to audit their IT operations to identify areas where problems arose if a breach took place. Being able to go back and prove that the mistake was a fluke or glitch, not negligence, is key to minimizing the fine associated with a breach. ChangeGear provides built-in documentation and reporting features, ensuring that organizations are able to properly present their case when facing regulatory challenges.

2. Coordinate change schedules
Change is a major threat to regulatory compliance. Change management presents many pitfalls and simply performing a process out of order can cause data to be comprised. ChangeGear is built around the ability to coordinate and schedule change effectively, making it an ideal solution for organizations that want to successfully eliminate regulatory risk caused by collaboration struggles in change operations.

3. Avoid over-taxing workers
Human error is a common cause of regulatory breaches and few things are more likely to increase the likelihood of mistakes than having too few people trying to do too much. ChangeGear provides key reporting on the service desk, helping managers understand how many tickets, incidents, problems and change requests are being handled by different segments of the IT team. This results in a situation in which managers can more effectively adjust their staff through new hires or transfers and ensure that people are not overworked and put in a position to fail.

4. Automate repeatable processes
Eliminating manual errors can play a key role in regulatory compliance, and mistakes are often made when workers are completing tedious tasks that don't force them to think. It is easy to lose focus under such circumstances, and a regulatory breach can happen easily with the press of a wrong button or incorrect command made to a database system. Automating repeatable service management processes can go a long way toward eliminating this risk, and ChangeGear features the automation capabilities needed to eliminate regulatory risk in this area.

5. Integrate compliance into operations
A good service desk like ChangeGear can enable IT leaders to enforce process excellence within the platform itself. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways through various scheduling, ticketing and change tools, but the end result is a situation in which operations are much less likely to slip because reminders to follow best practices are built into the solution used to handle day-to-day functions.

Regulatory compliance can present major challenges in many industries, but ChangeGear sets the foundation for success throughout the entire service management segment of a company.