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5 Traits of a Modern Service Desk UI

11/10/2014 by: The SunView Team

The user interface is an increasingly important component of any application or service, especially as consumerization takes hold in organizations. Every type of user cares about having applications and services that are easy to use. If you want to deliver that functionality, you need to make sure that every solution you invest in has a user interface that doesn't just stay out of users' way, but also helps them work more efficiently.

This is especially true in the IT service desk, where different worker types will often face an extremely large number of tasks that need to be prioritized effectively. A good UI makes it easier to focus on good decision making instead of having to constantly sort through different screens to get necessary information. Let's take a look at a few key attributes you should look for when evaluating a service desk solution's UI:

1. Efficiency
Your users need an interface that enables them to work efficiently. This means that support representatives need to be able to get to key information or workflows without having to go through multiple layers of menus. One feature that is particularly noteworthy in this area is intelligent search. An intelligent search function helps individuals quickly get the help they need to find information specific to the issue they are trying to resolve.

For example, a help desk worker who is facing a common incident, but forgets the resolution, can use intelligent search to quickly track down the records pertaining to that incident and deal with the issue.

This kind of functionality within the UI can drive efficiency, and any modern service desk should be able to deliver benefits in this area.

2. Browser integration
Your service desk workers are probably going to try and get the job done from locations other than the office. This isn't a problem as many service desk solutions are now delivered via the cloud, making them accessible with a Web browser. Enabling users to take full advantage of this flexibility hinges on a service desk's ability to work well with most modern browsers so that users can work from whichever device they happen to be using.

3. Special features
Modern UI design capabilities allow developers to create a variety of special features and advanced capabilities for users to leverage within the UI. Failing to take advantage of these kinds of functions is neglecting to fully empower employees. A good service desk UI will include a variety of functions, such as customization based on worker personas, that make the UI stand out from the pack and create a more efficient operational climate.

4. Easy navigation
This is a basic issue. You expect any user interface to feature effective layouts and menus to let users quickly and easily get where they need to go. While the navigation functionality of an application is critical, it isn't always done well. Make sure any service desk you invest in doesn't just slap together tools for user navigation. Time wasted moving through menus is time that could be spent solving problems. With that in mind, make sure you look for sophisticated and intuitive navigation tools when evaluating a service desk.

5. Portability
We already talked about the fact that service desk employees will need to access the system from a variety of devices. It is, therefore, critical that the UI will look good and work well when somebody is running it on a 20-inch computer monitor or a 7.5 inch smartphone screen. Portability is key to meeting the needs of modern support personnel, and the UI is critical in achieving this goal.

Any service desk implementation is going to have a huge impact on your organization. Make sure the system you choose has the kind of UI that will ensure a positive affect on operations.