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5 Steps to Adding a New Module to Your IT Service Desk

08/17/2016 by: The SunView Team

Cloud-based IT service desk solutions are empowering businesses to improve their systems on an ongoing basis. The days of purchasing a large solution and gradually implementing the entire thing - while crossing your fingers that everything you initially purchased will stay relevant - are gone. Instead, you can unleash the power of the cloud to get exactly what you want at the outset of the project and add modules as you need them. This ensures that you aren't left with outdated software at any time - you are always investing in the latest version of the module and vendors will maintain updates for you. It also means you need a clear pathway for upgrades over time.

The flexibility offered through cloud-based IT service desk solutions can be invaluable, but only if you are able to effectively identify the right upgrades to make, understand when to make them and ensure a smooth implementation process. Following these five steps will help you ensure a smooth transition as you invest in different service desk modules:

1. Start Your Investment with an Upgrade Roadmap
A good migration process will begin when you first invest in a new service desk. When you work with a vendor to choose the right modules at the outset of the project, it often helps to take some time to map out when you will invest in upgrades and which solutions you will purchase. This doesn't need to amount to a hard-and-fast policy measure, but having a strategy in place can make investments in a timely and strategic fashion.

2. Look at the Service Desk From a High Level
When your roadmap indicates it is getting close to the right time for an upgrade, you need to gather data about how your service desk is functioning and bring together leaders to talk about the key improvements needed within your system. This initial, broad look at your service desk will help you identify ways that you need a productivity boost and make sure the new module you are considering matches up with what is needed.

3. Get Your Service Desk Team Involved
Your support workers are going to be disrupted by new technology. The goal is to have the module make their lives better through functionality and process improvements, but projects don't always work out that way. A manager can easily think a solution will improve work, only to find that it doesn't deliver on its promise. Conversely, having your employees who are in the trenches contribute to the conversation gives you vital insight into how new modules will impact day-to-day operations.

4. Test the Solution at a Small Scale
Pilot projects are popular for a reason - many technology investments can lead to unexpected consequences to IT systems or operations. Change is difficult, and whether you are adjusting processes, technologies or both, it often helps to test new solutions through pilot initiatives before diving in. Every business and IT environment is unique, and a small-scale rollout will help you make sure the new service desk module works well for you.

5. Train Your Workers
Getting accustomed to a new technology can be overwhelming, and many projects have stalled and failed to take hold simply because workers have become frustrated trying to get used to how the solution works. A good training program will ensure the newness of the service desk module doesn't lead to operational disruption and help your solution deliver the maximum ROI possible.

Investing in a new technology is incredibly challenging as enterprise IT and operational requirements get more complex. A new service desk module is no exception, but following these five steps and working with the right vendor can simplify your effort.