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5 Quick Tips to Help you Choose a new IT Service Desk

12/02/2015 by: The SunView Team

Making an IT service desk investment decision doesn't need to be overwhelming. Cloud-based service desk modules create flexibility that wasn't available in the past, giving you an opportunity to simplify your initial purchasing decision and adjust your strategy over time. In particular, you don't need to build a future-proof service desk framework; you just need to choose a vendor that can offer simple module integration that lets you add to your system as needed.

With flexible, scalable service desk solutions increasingly available, the purchasing process is changing. With this new environment in mind, these five quick tips can help you make the right service desk choice:

1. Focus on the Vendor
A good partnership is key as you're going to want to add modules to your service desk over time and maintain an upgrade roadmap that emphasizes innovation. You need a vendor that provides a consultative sales process and quality support to position your organization for consistent, iterative success, not just a good initial purchasing experience.

2. Ask Your Users What They Care About
Your leaders may be brilliant people capable of making key decisions, but nobody is closer to everyday operations than the people completing them. Getting the workers in the trenches to tell you what they want in a new solution can help you ensure rapid adoption and immediate ROI.

3. Emphasize ROI
Value creation is increasingly an option when investing in a service desk. The days of IT teams supporting business, but being a cost sink, are disappearing. Similarly, your support teams should be providing returns beyond sustaining operations, and you want your service desk to support this end.

4. Don't get Hung up on Size
Large service desks with many built-in modules tend to get lots of market attention, but a smaller solution with the ability to add those modules as you need them can be more valuable. As flexibility becomes part of the service desk market, you don't need a future-ready solution right away. Buy for the present, plan for the future.

5. Try it out
Many service desk vendors provide demos and similar experiences to help you get a basic feel for how the solution will work. Don't be afraid to ask for a chance to try the solution out at small scale before making a major purchasing decision.

Buying a new service desk doesn't need to be as intimidating as it once was, but that doesn't mean that you won't have plenty to think about when making your final choice.