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5 Quick Tips About Service Request Management

11/24/2014 by: The SunView Team

Investing in service request management solutions can deliver significant value because it makes it easy for your IT service desk teams to differentiate between incidents and other types of service requests. This ensures that support workers can quickly differentiate between various service tasks and prioritize operations in the most efficient way possible.

The potential benefits of service request management are clear, but you also need to make sure you are using the technology effectively if you want to maximize your return on investment. These quick tips can help you make sure you find success when implementing a service request management plan:

1. Integrate with Service Provisioning
Immediate response is necessary when users request access to applications and services. If the support team responds too slowly, employees could end up turning to alternative solutions. Service request management solutions allow you to accelerate provisioning by ensuring that processes pass smoothly between support and IT workers.

2. Emphasize Incident Management
One of the best features of service request management is being able to improve incident management by letting support workers immediately focus on break/fix issues without having to filter through less urgent tasks.

3. Get the Service Catalog Involved
Service request management pays dividends regardless of whether you are using a service catalog, but getting the solution involved with your service catalog plans allows you to give users a more intuitive pathway to accessing surfaces and getting the help they need.

4. Focus on Process Bottlenecks
There are often places where operations slow to a crawl because of ticket management and prioritization problems. Identifying these bottlenecks and positioning service request management systems to resolve these process issues can lead to considerable functional gains and significant value creation over time.

5. Think Holistically
One of the core benefits of service request management is that it can have a positive impact on so many areas of operation. As such, the best way to maximize the returns you get from your service request management investment is to use the solution holistically to impact as many processes as you can.

Support teams often end up dealing with a diverse range of processes and tasks that they need to complete. This diversity can make it difficult to optimize day-to-day operations because users have to spend so much time sorting through different ticket types. Alleviating this burden by effectively differentiating between different service request types can create a huge return on investment.