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5 Quick Tips About Business Intelligence

07/25/2014 by: The SunView Team

Finding ways to use data analytics to accurately measure success is becoming more important in many phases of business, and the IT service desk is not immune to this trend. Organizations are increasingly emphasizing reporting functionality in the service desk so they can use staffing resources as effectively as possible, plan training effectively and better anticipate the impact that various IT strategies will have on support teams.

Getting the analytics functionality needed to leverage these capabilities is made much easier when organizations implement a service desk with integrated business intelligence tools.

A few quick tips on the best ways to us BI in the service desk are:

1. Communicate Internally
Telling workers that you are going to start collecting detailed information about how they are getting the job done can put incredible pressure on employees who will inevitably see it as a way to evaluate their performance and find ways to disrupt their day. There may well be some element of performance review involved in a BI project, but most projects will involve trying to help employees grow and find ways to maximize their value. Effectively communicating the goals of a project can help employees get on board and alleviate excess pressure that may be caused by increased scrutiny.

2. Keep it Simple - At First
It is easy to see all of the cool data you can collect and use through BI tools and hop right on the bandwagon. However, this can lead to an overwhelming influx of information to such a degree that you can't use any of it. Start simple. Go project by project through the BI platform at first and work to expand over time.

3. Get Proactive
Using BI to react to operating trends is critical, but don't neglect to also use that information to anticipate different work conditions so you are ready for disruption, not taken by surprise.

4. Learn What You Can Measure
One common pitfall in analytics plans is not understanding what can and cannot be measured. There will always be intangibles that are important and it is vital not to lose sight of those when focusing on metric data.

5. You Don't Have to be a Stats Geek
BI isn't just for people who have a love affair with spreadsheets. BI solutions often feature visualization tools that make it easy to take important data and put it to use. Fine tune your BI setup to make the data accessible for your needs.

BI solutions can play a key role in helping companies maximize the value of their service desk, and establish a framework for an efficient IT service management setup.