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5 Keys to Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Support Team

08/11/2014 by: The SunView Team

Service desk teams are the most important part of any successful support strategies. I mean, we love to talk about service desk software solutions, but in the end, the way you use those technologies to get the most from your teams will dictate your success. Technology creates potential, but people deliver on those possibilities. With that in mind, let's take some time to consider five things that you can do to get the most out of your support team.

1. Use Business Intelligence
Any effort to empower your staff hinges on first being able to understand the day-to-day workloads your support team is facing. You can learn a lot by talking with employees and learning what they think of as pain points, if they are feeling overwhelmed and what they think is working well. However, this knowledge is entry-level information that can then be verified, enhanced or refined through the use of BI technology. A good BI platform lets you figure out how different strategies impact your service desk workers and allow you to more effectively manage them in light of this data.

2. Don't Neglect Training
People are going to be more empowered if they are challenged in meaningful ways. One of the best ways to accomplish that, especially on service desk teams that deal with many tedious tasks, is to train employees to handle more complex functions. People will be more likely to feel connected to the work they are doing, not to mention the organization, if you show them they are valued by putting time and effort into training them and preparing them for the future.

3. Make Sure They Aren't Bored
Dealing with mundane tasks all day can cause workers to disengage because they are not facing real challenges or interesting work. Service desk employees may not be the most technically trained workers in an organization, but they usually still have significant IT knowledge in comparison to the average employee. In many cases, working the help desk serves as an entry to more advanced IT work in the future. Because of this, service desk workers can quickly get bored if they are spending most of their days handling basic incidents and not having the responsibilities or opportunities to deal with complex issues like problem management or support change tasks.

Finding ways to keep support teams engaged and challenged is key to getting as much as possible out of their potential.

4. Make Sure They Aren't Overwhelmed
It's hard to stay focused and try to grow professionally when you spend most days struggling to just get through basic workloads. BI knowledge can pay dividends here by helping you understand the number of tasks support teams are facing, the amount of time they are spending on different operations and if they seem to always be playing catch up instead of working at a consistent, even pace. If workers always do seem overwhelmed, chances are the pace of each day is holding back their ability to work as effectively as possible, and you may want to adjust operations to give them a bit more time to get everything done.

5. Support Them With the Right Technology
As your organization grows and changes, the service desk team is going to need more powerful tools to get the job done. Failing to make effective IT service management upgrades can leave your staff struggling to keep up with user needs. Your support teams will fall behind if your ITSM tools aren't effective, so making the right investments is key to maximizing the value of the people that ensure effective service delivery.

Service desk technologies are essential to maximizing value on the service desk, but all of those gains can be undermined unless you also make sure you are doing the right thing to get the most out of your staff.

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