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5 Key Elements of a Service Catalog

09/23/2014 by: The SunView Team

Establishing a service catalog helps organizations take control of solution delivery within an organization. The solution is becoming more important as the consumerization of IT trend takes hold in the enterprise. While the benefits of building a service catalog are fairly clear - IT teams give employees consumer-like access to technology services that are vetted by the organization, creating a perfect balance of control and convenience. While this potential is evident, the best way to actually deploy a service catalog isn't always as apparent.

Focusing on these five key elements of a service catalog can provide vital insight into how you can build an effective system and integrate it into broader IT service management strategies.

1. Start Small
A service catalog doesn't have to encompass everything an IT department has to offer. Instead, focus on the solutions that would present pain points if kept separate from the service catalog and get the solution off the ground. You can always build up from a good foundation, but it is incredibly difficult to build a complete solution from scratch.

2. Establish a Clear Plan of Expansion
Expecting to adjust the service catalog in the future is a good concept, but make sure you have a clear strategy in place to actually accomplish this goal or your best-laid plans may quickly fall to the wayside as other projects come up.

3. Invest in Service Request Management
A service catalog is going to leave your support teams with more to do. Instead of just getting break/fix incidents, they're going to get more requests for access to apps in the service catalog, password resets and similar issues. Service request management solutions play a key role in separating these support tickets from break/fix incidents, ensuring the service desk functions as efficiently as possible.

4. Embrace Diversity
Widespread mobile device use creates device variety within the configuration. A service catalog that doesn't feature apps that can work on a variety of devices may not help workers as much as a solution with more diverse options would.

5. Look at it as an Ongoing Project
A service catalog is best approached as a living entity that needs frequent attention. Finding success with the solution hinges on not just putting it into action and letting go, but instead constantly working to update it, improve it and make sure the services on offer properly align with business demands.

A service catalog can be an ideal option when organizations are working to align their technology and business needs, but finding success depends on staying true to the core elements that make a solution effective.

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