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5 Key Benefits of a Change Management Solution

07/29/2013 by: The SunView Team

5 Key Benefits in a Change Management Solution

Are you in control of your IT system? Or is it in charge of you? You might think that is a ridiculous question. Of course we control our system, not the other way around. But, if you do not have a mature IT Organization that is tracking all of the required change and release for your system, then you may be chasing your tail more than controlling your system.

And if you are in one of the highly regulated industries, Healthcare, Energy, Financial Services, etc€¦ then having a Change Management solution is essential to your regulatory audit trail. If you are considering a new or modern solution, then check out the offer below.

Change Management software is all about controlling your system and the changes required to keep your system running at optimum reliability. You need to improve your change management solution if you answer YES to some or all of the following risk indicators:

  • A system with unauthorized changes
  • A system that has unplanned outages
  • Having a low success rate for system changes
  • A system with a lot of emergency changes
  • Long or continuous project implementation delays

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The benefits of a complete Change Management Solution:

5 Key Benefits

  1. Increased customer satisfaction
  2. Increased Service Availability (SLA)
  3. More on-time project delivery
  4. An ability to better use your IT resources for value-added work
  5. Added value through better business alignment

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