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5 Elements of a Great Service Desk Dashboard

10/27/2014 by: The SunView Team

An IT service desk revolves around its dashboard. The workflow management and ticketing systems are key to keeping everything ticking, but IT and support professionals will use the dashboard as the central hub for day-to-day activities. With this in mind, it is vital that businesses emphasize dashboard quality when investing in a service desk solution.

While the reasons to focus on the dashboard are fairly clear, it isn't always so easy to identify what you actually need to look for when purchasing a solution. Here are five things you should look for when trying to identify an excellent service desk dashboard.

1. KPI Score Cards
Key performance indicators provide immediate and vital insight into how your service desk is performing. KPIs can help you identify how to train workers, which employees handle different tasks most effectively, any issues that may be holding up efficiency and any other information you want to gather to assess the service desk. Having this information available at a glance can be a vital way to maximize the value of your support strategies, and putting KPIs on the dashboard make this information immediately visible.

2. Personas
Each group that accesses the service desk will have distinct goals and purposes. An IT worker may want to focus on change and release tasks, while support personnel will generally emphasize dealing with tickets and incident management. Being able to customize the dashboard based on the user persona plays a critical role in enabling the service desk to operate as efficiently as possible.

3. Customization
Like we discussed with personas, giving users a more personalized way to view and use their dashboard plays a key role in minimizing waste. Customization can take the benefits of personas and push them to an even greater level of efficiency. When users are free to customize their service desk dashboard, they get a chance to directly control which information is available to them from their central operating hub. This means that users will not only have the most vital data accessible, they will also have a greater stake in their work experience.

4. Out-of-the-Box Reporting
You don't want to purchase a service desk only to have to work with it for a few months before you can figure out the best ways to gather and use reporting data. Instead, maximizing the value of your solution hinges on being able to pre-determine what you need reports to include and have that functionality delivered out of the box.

All of these dashboard systems are focused on eliminating waste by making data and workflow information more accessible and relevant for users. Similarly, having to take time to analyze your service desk before you can report effectively wastes time. Being able to immediately access reports can be invaluable.

5. Data Deep Dives
We've already talked a great deal about getting more information in the hands of workers looking at their dashboard. But you don't just want surface-level data showing up. Instead, providing options for data deep dives through graphs, charts and other visualization methods can enable employees, particularly managers, to quickly view and analyze deep information about how the service desk is working. This rapid access makes it easier to respond to problems and keep the service desk running at peak efficiency.

The service desk dashboard is where your support team is going to get the information it needs to prioritize different tasks. Intelligently moving between projects and workflows is critical to helping workers get the job done with greater precision without sacrificing speed. As such, finding a service desk with the best dashboard tools plays a key part in everyday support success.

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