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5 Building Blocks for Your Change Management Business Case

01/27/2015 by: The SunView Team

Change management is one aspect of the IT service desk that has a huge impact on an organization's day-to-day operations. Being able to perform change quickly makes a company's IT setup efficient, responsive and resilient. Change-related struggles can cause organizations to spend an extended amount of time dealing with major IT problems and create risk as a poorly executed change action can lead to downtime, data loss and similar problems.

While change is important, it can be difficult to convince business leaders of its value because it is such a technical competency. With that in mind, here are five issues you can bring up when making a business case for change management investments:

1. Improve Innovation
Significant IT changes are necessary when trying to get new software installed and into production. Poor change processes can hold a company back from innovation because the configuration cannot be changed quickly enough to keep up with business demands. Organizations that invest in change can improve their capacity to innovate in direct ways, making such strategies attractive from a business perspective.

2. Reduce Productivity Loss
IT downtime can slow productivity to a halt. Organizations depend so much on the Internet, internal technology services and databases that any downtime event can prevent workers from completing even the most basic tasks. A mistake made during a change can lead to significant productivity losses. From there, downtime can extend for a long time while the issue is being diagnosed and resolved.

3. Improve Customer Trust
Mistakes during a change can lead to data loss or open up the possibility of theft. They can also make customer-facing systems unavailable. The result is reputation damages for a brand, something that can be avoided when the proper checks and balances are enforced through change management software.

4. Process Efficiency
Any kind of waste in an organization can lead to considerable financial losses. Businesses that effectively optimize processes can also eliminate waste. A change management platform is designed to automate repeatable tasks and improve how workflows are mapped and performed, ensuring an optimal process environment for technology and support teams.

5. Create a Clear ROI
All of these benefits come together to generate a vastly different operational experience within IT and support environments. The operational improvements, waste elimination and improved customer experience come together to create a significant return on investment that makes change management well worth the initial costs.

The complexities of change do not need to hold an organization back. Change management functionality has evolved to a point that it delivers the kind of ROI that can get busineses can depend on.