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5 Advantages of Converting Emails to Help Desk Tickets

08/13/2015 by: The SunView Team

5 Advantages of Converting Emails to Help Desk Tickets

Emails, while essential, can be the most frustrating component of a support team's operations. On one hand, communications by email is a simple and convenient way for users to quickly reach out to support teams. On the other hand, a large volume of emails can lead to crowded, cluttered and disorganized inbox, and make organizing and facilitating end-user requests more difficult for said teams. This type of rudimentary homegrown solution can also leave end users in the dark as to when their ticket is addressed in order to get an estimated time to resolution. These problems can create major support problems, leave user concerns slipping through the cracks and erode the trust between the help desk support teams and end users.

A dedicated help desk ticketing solution will enable you to give end users the convenience and accessibility that emails offer while ensuring your support team does not have to deal with the confusion and inefficiency of trying to provide support directly from their inboxes. Modern help desks can convert emails into support tickets, alleviating the organizational burden facing your help desk team and giving them the tools they need to maintain a positive relationship with end users.

How Email Conversion Works
An email-to-ticket conversion system lets you create the parameters for the software, ensuring that the eventual solution ends up fitting within your team's help desk workflows. This is accomplished fairly simply, with the broad functions being:

  • Customizable categories that emails can be sorted into on the help desk, often based on which user groups the ticket will go to
  • Automated emails created from forms that allow users to select from various broad subjects when they email the help desk
  • The system being able to identify the subject lines of emails and automatically creating support tickets that route based on previously set parameters
  • Two-way email conversion systems that convert help desk team members' support ticket responses back to email, with support for mobile communication from the support team

The technology here is fairly simple, but the operational results are significant because end users get the convenience they need while the support team has all communications organized into its ticketing platform. Five of the most noteworthy advantages of this functionality include:

1. Accessibility
You want your team to be easily accessible to end users. If reaching them requires individuals to jump through too many hoops they will end up going elsewhere for solutions. This is one of the core tenants of the consumerization of IT movement, and is one of the areas where you cannot afford to take on significant risks.

The consumerization of IT movement centers around the principle that end users are comfortable enough with basic IT and technology that they will seek their own solutions if their company's IT organization is not responsive enough to meet their demands. This can cause major security risks when it comes to handling support tickets, as employees turning to alternate sources can end up taking actions that put data at risk or implement unaccounted for consumer apps to handle business tasks. Either of these situations is problematic, and the best way to combat them is by creating a responsive, accessible help desk that minimizes the time to resolution. Converting emails to support tickets make that possible.

2. Efficiency
Getting the most out of your help desk solution is key if you want to generate value for the organization. Maximum help desk ROI is delivered by improving responsiveness to such a degree that users are more productive. You need to make sure your support team can work at full capacity at all times, and this becomes incredibly problematic if your workers need to go back and forth between their inbox and their help desk toolsets. Integrating email and ticketing platforms simplifies this process, helping your staff operate at peak efficiency.

3. Cost Effectiveness
Time is money on the help desk. Your support workers are your most valuable assets, and any time they end up wasting takes away from the potential value creation of your system. At the same time, you need to be incredibly careful not to spend so much on support technologies and tools that you end up going over your budget. The principle here comes down to a fairly straightforward concept - it is best to have a help desk system that is the right fit for your organization, not the most expensive with the most bells and whistles.

A dedicated help desk with an email conversion tool is an ideal entry point for organizations trying to move away from a homegrown solution. The technology is extremely accessible and easy to use, but still delivers enough value to move the needle for your organization. Cost effectiveness is key when making a purchasing decision, and the best fitting dedicated help desk is incredibly valuable in this area.

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4. Flexibility
People are working in more new ways than ever before. The rise of enterprise mobility strategies has fueled a move toward flexibility as a priority among businesses. The responsiveness allowed by smartphones, tablets and sophisticated social media tools creates an operational environment in which business users expect everybody around them to operate as quickly as they do. For example, somebody accustomed to checking emails via phone while taking a coffee break will expect the same kind of attention given to the emails they send to support teams. Delays aren't acceptable. Two-way email conversion lets your support teams handle tasks remotely, giving you the flexibility you need to keep up with mobile users.

5. Building for the Future
Many businesses are in a situation where they are getting more dependent on IT solutions. This makes work much more difficult for support teams as they are trying to keep up with new demands from a diverse range of user groups. In turn, companies need to start evolving away from homegrown support models and begin making strides toward IT service management maturity. Dedicated help desk solutions with key solutions like email-to-ticket conversion can lay the groundwork needed to put your company on a path to continued innovation.

Dedicated help desk solutions offer many advantages beyond what you can get from a homegrown solution. Converting emails to support tickets is one example of this value, and it represents a vital first step toward establishing excellent support processes.

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