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4 Ways to Use Better Ticketing to Support Higher-Ed Goals

12/02/2013 by: The SunView Team

The IT service desk is an integral component of operational success in just about any industry, but not all companies fully recognize the importance of unifying their IT service efforts through advanced ticketing solutions. This problem is particularly apparent in sectors where technological capabilities have long been severely separated from core competencies. Higher education is one such industry, and sophisticated service desk solutions provide the ticketing functionality to bridge the longstanding competency gap.

IT leaders in academia are currently faced with the task of integrating advanced learning management systems (LMS) to support e-learning principles and the increased use of online classrooms. Advanced ticketing solutions can go a long way toward overcoming this challenge, and there are four key ways that an IT service desk solution makes this possible.

1. Risk Avoidance
Advanced e-learning systems are heavily dependent on high levels of uptime to ensure students and faculty can access the data and collaboration features they need. At the same time, data loss must also be avoided to prevent sensitive personal data and confidential academic information from being compromised. An advanced ticketing solution adds a layer of structure over incident, problem and change management. As such, IT service management efforts can be coordinated more effectively and risk can be avoided.

2. Management Efficiency
Overseeing IT operations that are not carefully integrated with one another can be a major burden. In academia, institutions must maximize operational efficiency to overcome IT budgets that are often severely limited. An advanced ticketing solution makes it easier to see which tickets are unresolved, which are being worked on and which have been completed. This makes it much easier to effectively asses and optimize day-to-day IT operations.

3. Rapid Resolutions
Large LMS systems often support a substantial number of users across multiple departments and academic disciplines. Within a single small university, for example, thousands of users could depend on the solution at any given time. This forces IT teams to handle the volume of tickets commonly managed by large enterprise IT departments. Advanced ticketing solutions position service desk personnel to rapidly resolve tickets, enabling them to more easily deal with the large number of support requests.

4. Supporting BYOD
The bring-your-own-device movement is contributing to major operational challenges for service desk professionals everywhere, and academia is no exception. The trend is leading to more ticket submissions and a need to manage incidents, problems and change over an incredibly diverse end-user configuration. Having ticketing systems in place that keep support efforts focused play an integral role in helping IT teams handle service management challenges.