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4 Ways to Stabilize Service Desk Implementations

03/12/2015 by: The SunView Team

If you've spent much time in the IT support and service management industry, you've probably heard your fair share of IT service desk implementation nightmares. Sometimes an organization fails to train its employees in advance and the first few months are a comedy of errors as a company struggles to use the new software effectively, let alone accrue any value from their investment. In other cases, the problems come during the configuration process and businesses end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants just to get the system up and running. Even less extreme examples of implementation problems lead to conversations about shelfware and end-user headaches.

Cloud-based ITSM platforms are eliminating some of the risk and complexity with a new IT service desk, but you still need to think about your internal stability before jumping to deploy a new solution. Four vital considerations to ensure stability are:

1. Hiring New Staff
A new service desk may require new specialists within your organization. You may even want new entry level support workers to help you handle the day-to-day operations. This may mean that you need to hire some new people to add skills to your workforce. Even if you don't need to hire anybody, you definitely need to train your staff in advance to make sure they are ready to use the solution and have some say in the decisions that will impact their everyday operations.

2. Perform Phase Planning
Your service desk deployment doesn't have to happen all at once. Feel free to plan out different deployment phases not only to streamline the initial deployment, but to identify modules that you can deploy over an extended time to ease the initial project burden that you are facing.

3. Set Clear Goals
Few things are more frustrating then getting halfway through a project only to experience significant internal conflicts because different groups have different goals. Set clear, reasonable goals at the project's outset so you can clearly identify where the project is heading and take that knowledge into the implementation.

4. Establish Timetable KPIs
Of course, once you have goals you need to be able to measure them. Setting KPIs for your implementation timetable will help you identify if you are meeting your goals throughout every phase of the deployment. This step is extremely important as you don't want your service desk implementation to gradually fall behind your projected expectations.

IT service desk deployment is still complex, even with the cloud, and following these four tips can help you ensure your new project gets off to a good start.