4 Ways to Improve Service Desk Customer Satisfaction

05/06/2015 by: The SunView Team

4 Ways to Improve Service Desk Customer Satisfaction

The primary goal of the service desk is to deliver business value by maintaining stable operations on a day-to-day basis. Ensuring consistent productivity hinges on being able to meet customer demands in a timely and efficient manner. As such, creating value hinges on maximizing the customer experience. Accomplishing this goal heavily relies on improving customer service. Four things you can develop to establish better customer satisfaction with your IT service desk include:

1. Improve Your First Contact Rate
Users don't want to have to create multiple support tickets, call the IT service desk a few times or otherwise engage with support staff workers multiple times. Instead, users want simplicity. They hope to submit a support ticket or call the service desk and let go of the issue so they can focus on other tasks. If a user must continually go back and forth with the support team, they are going to be much less satisfied with the service they receive. Deliver meaningful value hinges on being able to improve your first contact rate and save users from making frequent support requests to settle issues.

2. Understand Service Quality
Having a deep understanding of your service desk's quality plays an essential role in maintaining high user satisfaction rates. For example, if you find that users are dissatisfied with resolution times, tracking key performance indicators can give you a better understanding of how your support team operates and help you to discover where your bottlenecks reside. Having these metrics on hand can help you identify key ways to improve upon problematic areas and increase overall customer satisfaction.

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3. Measure End-User Satisfaction
Take time to understand the end user experience. Complete basic surveys, meet with business users periodically and take the time to get a better understanding of your customer base. These small steps will help you to gauge how satisfied users are with your services. You can also use basic metrics here to improve your understanding of what business users need and how you can create as much value as possible.

4. Invest in Training
Putting resources into training - both in terms of time and money - can play a huge role in empowering your staff to create a better human experience. Training your staff in more than just tech support can give them the tools they need to interact with business users in the best ways possible. Training your workers in customer-centric operations can create meaningful value for internal and external customers.

Creating value through the service desk depends on meeting customer demands, and fine tuning operations to this end can help you get your staff ready to create more satisfied business users.

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