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4 Ways to Get Rapid ROI From Service Desk Automation

12/18/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk Automation

Automation capabilities are among the major benefits organizations gain when they deploy an advanced IT service desk. Replacing a homegrown help desk or similar solution with a sophisticated service desk can create incredible value, but automation is one area that delivers a return on investment especially quickly. There are four automation types that stand out when it comes to delivering ROI through the service desk:

1. Ticket prioritization
Many service desk workers end up spending way too much of their time moving through groups of support tickets trying to figure out which requests should be prioritized. Hiring a dedicated manager to handle prioritization can be expensive and an inefficient use of money, especially as the process can be automated relatively easily. This enables personnel to quickly and easily identify the most important tickets to handle and work much more efficiently. Saving time in this way not only improves efficiency, it creates the kind of operational flexibility needed to drive process innovation and quality improvements in other areas.

2. Incident management
In many cases, service desk personnel are highly trained to support callers, handle tickets efficiently and follow best practices and corporate policies. All of this training is incredibly important, but it sometimes feels wasteful when employees go from this training to spending half of their time resetting user passwords and dealing with other basic incidents.

Business success hinges on effectively balancing a variety of considerations to ensure consistent growth that can be managed effectively. However, there are a few central issues that go a long way toward almost single-handedly dictating a company's success. One of them is how organizations manage employees. Firms that maximize the skills of their workers can create incredible value, and quickly. Automating basic incidents that take time away from more important tasks can create a much more efficient help desk. It can also keep workers happier by helping them work on the types of tasks they value more, leading to better employee retention.

3. Supporting diverse departments
Contemporary businesses increasingly face a situation in which technology issues impact stakeholders from multiple departments. For example, a user may experience a billing problem and turn to the service desk thinking there is a flaw in the application being used. Support workers must then look at the ticket and forward it to the correct person in accounting who has the responsibility of handling those systems. This forwarding process not only wastes time for service desk workers, it also adds to the amount of time users must wait for issues to be resolved. Automating the sorting aspects of the service desk to get incidents and problems to the right users can contribute to a significant return on investment.

4. Reporting
Providing oversight can be extremely difficult for service desk managers. Automating data capture processes pertaining to how tickets are handled and other day-to-day tasks can add a significant level of sophistication to the entire reporting process. For many companies, the service desk must support users in a diverse range of locations, meaning support teams are also spread out over multiple branch offices. However, central managers may not be able to easily track how many incidents are handled by each team unless documentation processes are automated.

With detailed information about the types of tickets handled by different teams and the number of incidents dealt with, managers can more easily identify problems, figure out how many workers are necessary in different branches and make better broad judgments pertaining to service desk strategy.

Automation can be an extremely powerful tool in the service desk, and there are many functions that, when automated, create almost immediate ROI.