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4 Ways Process Automation Is Vital for HR Departments

04/30/2014 by: The SunView Team

HR process

Human resources departments are becoming incredibly dependent on technology to support their day-to-day operations. IT teams that create an effective framework for efficient technology use in HR settings can become technology champions for business users, generating incredible value for an organization. Process automation can help IT leaders improve business functionality by creating tremendous opportunities for efficiency.

A few noteworthy ways that process automation can drive HR efficiency include:

1. Deal With Incidents More Effectively

HR employees can become so dependent on applications and services that they are unable to work effectively if a glitch makes a solution unavailable. For example, if an HR representative experiences a password problem he or she will be unable to access the solution. Normally, this type of incident would lead to a ticket being submitted to the service desk and HR employees waiting around until the ticket is handled.

This is a small example, as password issues are an incredibly minor incident. However, the concern is the same across all incident types that are always solved through the same set of processes. If a human has to complete a checklist of tasks, organizations can just create an automation script for those processes that give users a nearly instantaneous response to their issue and lets them get back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2. Minimize Security Risk

Many human resources operations end up involving highly-sensitive data that must be handled in compliance with a variety of regulatory guidelines. This results in an operational environment in which incredible precision is necessary. This sensitivity makes proper process management integral whenever HR employees are interacting with important data. A service desk solution that includes process automation functionality can ensure smooth workflows within the IT systems that support HR, ensuring data protection and regulatory standards are maintained.

3. Improve Collaboration

HR teams often work in collaboration with one another and other business units to share data, promote events and get projects done effectively. This can lead to many inefficiencies as project processes need to be passed on between users via email and similar channels. Using a service desk with process automation functionality can provide project management features for HR employees trying to balance complex efforts with a wide range of stakeholders. This type of tool can prove invaluable in giving HR employees a bird's eye view of a project and help them focus on strategically guiding the initiative because the process automation functions ensure smooth operations.

4. Easing Employee-Related Challenges

Each time a new worker starts at a company, or an employee leaves the organization, HR needs to complete a variety of processes to get all necessary documentation into various systems, verify data accuracy and request IT-related processes that come into play in this area. For example, when a worker leaves a company, HR needs to adjust databases to reflect the new status, notify IT of any necessary hardware/workstation changes and submit a support ticket to ask the IT department to adjust authorizations and other issues to ensure former employees cannot still access company systems.

The process of dealing with these on boarding and exit issues can be incredibly time consuming for HR professionals, but process automation provides smooth collaboration between various departments involved in the situation. A well-configured setup can allow HR teams to simply select the employee in the system or add the new worker, and then check off boxes for which processes need to be completed for that individual. From there, the automation platform sends out necessary notifications or handles operations on its own, saving HR teams from tedious work.

IT departments have an opportunity to move from being the people who tell business leaders that tasks can't be done and into the role of business champions. Process automation can make this happen in the HR segment.

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