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4 Tools for End-User Training Plans

06/24/2013 by: The SunView Team

Software training, end-user training

Every successful IT implementation requires training. At SunView Software, when we begin to work with our new customers, we have several Support Services "Getting Started Packages" to help their team get up to speed. Now, when the implementation team is the end-user, for example, Change Management, the training is basically complete at this point. However, when the IT Organization is deploying software throughout the enterprise, then part of the go-live plan should include end-user training.

The ChangeGear user interface is easy to use and the learning curve is minimal. Therefore, a few bullet points about using the Service Catalog may be all that is required to get the company staff ready. As I mentioned in a previous end-user training blog post, the implementation of the new Windows 8 has a pretty steep learning curve. Yes, Windows 8 is easy to use and quite intuitive - after you get a bit of training on it.

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In the recent PC World post, Ultimate Windows 8 starter guide: Must-know tips, apps and utilities, you can see how many quick tip guides have been spawned by the introduction of the new Windows OS.

Right when the new OS launched, we published a number of essential how-to guides for first-time Windows 8 users. You can start your orientation process with this handy guide to maximizing your first 30 minutes with the new OS. But perhaps even more useful is our compendium of 20 must-know Windows 8 tips and tricks, which starts off with a thorough look at keyboard shortcuts-you should know them all if you don't have a touch screen.

But if you do have a touch screen device, then head straight to our guide to Windows 8 gesture commands. In this article (and in its accompany video) we describe how to navigate the initially confusing touch commands that leave many first-time users wondering what the heck just hit them.

And that is for something as basic as the OS. So when there is a new piece of software that the entire enterprise will be expected to use, the IT team needs to incorporate training into the implementation process.

Here are 4 End-User training plan tools to help you get started:

1. In this SampleComprehensive Training Plan tool from Craig Borysowich, there are sections on the goals of the training, instructional design philosophy and of course the media and methodology for your training plan. It all starts with solid curriculum that is focused on your users' particular needs and experience. One of the things that I found most valuable in this tool was the sample training agendas. He even lays out the times for breaks - important to keep your participants ready to learn. The only thing missing from the agenda is what kind of cookies to serve during the breaks! I suggest really big ones with chocolate chips.

2. Another great place to begin your end-user training plan is with this overview document available on the California State Government's Office of Systems Integration site.

3. The next tool that I found helpful was a training plan template on the University of Washington Wiki. A great place to start.

4. Another valuable resource is from the Office of the CIO of the US Mint. At 37 pages, this template is thorough. From the table of contents you can begin to see how a great IT training plan is laid out. Follow the plan or use it as a starting point.

Not every IT implementation requires a massive project around training, but all require some end-user communications. Even a simple update should have a quick blurb added to the announcement area of the Service Catalog. With a little planning and some assistance from other departments such as HR or Training, your next software rollout can be improved and your Service Desk staff will thank you.

Flickr Image by alumroot