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4 Tips For Service Desk Replacement Success

03/27/2015 by: The SunView Team

The process of replacing your IT service desk can be a challenging transition, but organizations that navigate the replacement process well can end up creating significant value. If you want to deliver this return on investment you need to carefully analyze your situation as a business and work to engage vendors intelligently. This may sound simple, but plenty of challenges emerge in practice as you work to find the right kind of data about your internal needs, ensure employee and executive buy-in, research vendors and develop an effective partnership.

Replacing a service desk is difficult, but these tips will help you complete the analysis and evaluation you need to complete your transition as smoothly as possible:

1. Get Company Buy-In
An IT service desk will have a huge impact on the business as a whole, especially as more organizations begin to use IT service management tools to support process efficiency schemes in areas like facilities management and human resources. You need to showcase the fiscal value of the service desk to business executives, the technical advantages to technology leaders and the operational benefits to workers.

Getting employees at all levels of the organization to buy-in to the new solution can help you create a group of internal champions who can help their co-workers become more comfortable with the new solution and get more excited about what the solution can offer.

2. Perform Internal Analysis
Understanding your own needs is key to choosing the optimal service desk, and gathering key data, such as gap analysis information, can play a critical role in guiding your implementation. The right knowledge about your own organization simultaneously helps you choose the best solution and prioritize different service desk modules during implementation.

3. Engage Potential Vendors
Don't just look for a good vendor, engage with IT service desk providers to get a clear idea of what their solution offers and how you can use it to create value. Ask lots of questions, collaborate about deployment challenges within your organization and develop a meaningful partnership. This relationship can help you streamline service desk implementation in a variety of ways, leading to significant value creation.

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4. Understand Deployment Models
Traditional service desk implementation models involve purchasing the software platform, installing it on site and carefully integrating the solution into your configuration. Cloud-based service desk platforms are rising as a prominent alternative. Make sure you understand the benefits and limitations of each model before diving into your purchasing decision and working to deploy your solution.

A good service desk will deliver significant value, but you need to make sure you don't lose any of that potential ROI through an onerous deployment.

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