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4 Steps to a Successful ITIL Adoption Initiative [Webinar]

04/22/2015 by: The SunView Team



The influx of technological innovation in today's modern business landscape has blurred the boundaries between IT and the enterprise more than ever before. Advances in how IT services and solutions are delivered demands that IT organizations adapt in order to maximize efficiency and keep up with end-user expectations. In this demanding world of fast-paced IT service delivery, structure can often be difficult to maintain. Following a guided set of principles and best practices can have a very positive effect on the organization by bringing more control and visibility to IT operations. For these reasons, ITIL has been an industry standard in providing a strong ITSM framework that is both highly established yet flexible enough to adapt with modern implementations.

However, it isn't uncommon for well-intentioned ITIL initiatives and ITSM improvement programs to fail. Improper planning, skepticism and a lack of commitment are just some of the factors that often plague these types of projects from the start. The hard truth is that achieving company buy-in on an ITIL initiative or improvement project can often be easier said than done. Yet implementing ITIL best-practices is a task that is worth the challenges as the end-result can lead to better functioning ITSM operations at a lower cost.

Taking the Right Steps

It's important to take a highly strategic approach when building your case for an ITIL adoption plan. Think of it in terms of a legal trial. Just like an attorney must dig deep into all of the aspects, variables, data and evidence that surround their clients when making a case to the jury, so must you when it comes to convincing upper-level executives of the value of ITIL adoption.

Check out our latest Webinar and listen to SunView Software's Product Marketing Manager Justin Roux and MSA's Information Systems Group Director Brion Peck tackle the four steps to making a case for adopting ITIL-based best practices within your organization.

Things that must be accounted for when building your case:

  1. Research and Due Diligence
  2. Convincing Executives
  3. Getting Funding
  4. Projecting ROI