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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Compromise on Your Help Desk Solution

02/11/2015 by: The SunView Team

Purchasing a help desk is a major commitment, and investing in the right solution can deliver significant value for your organization. However, many companies have long looked at help desk solutions as a purchase that doesn't have much potential to create a return on investment. This isn't the case when organizations find the right help desk, and the rise of cloud-based solutions is making it easier to deliver an optimal solution. SaaS help desk systems allow companies to deploy the solution quickly and make iterative upgrades as their needs change over time. The result is an environment in which you shouldn't compromise on your help desk, as skimping on a solution doesn't just inconvenience support workers, it sacrifices a return on investment.

The ability to deliver value through the help desk makes it easier to justify putting significant resources on a solution. Four reasons to make sure you don't compromise on a help desk include:

1. Efficient ticketing
Support tickets are the primary component of day-to-day operations in the help desk. Organizations with a poor ticketing system can leave support workers wasting time prioritizing incidents, struggling to escalate issues efficiently and getting frustrated as these small disruptions get in the way of efficient operations. These ticketing issues may sound small on the surface, but a large number of minor flaws in a system can prove incredibly disruptive for end users. Furthermore, ticketing flaws can get in the way of productivity in such a way that significant value is lost over time.

2. Advanced user interfaces
Modern help desk solutions offer support workers an opportunity to build and leverage a custom user dashboard that helps them access the most important information. Putting key data and alerts at the fingertips of your users allows them to get the job done more efficiently, with the result being a much larger return on investment than would be possible with an older system. The modern, intuitive user interface that comes with advanced help desk systems creates value that makes the initial cost worthwhile.

3. Streamlined service request management
Finding an efficient way to differentiate between service requests, incidents, problems, change requests and other tasks can play an integral role in stimulating efficient everyday operations. Support workers need freedom to think creatively when it comes to resolving tickets as they come in. Forcing support employees to take time to process which type of service request they are facing and make initial judgment calls as to how they prioritize the issue takes time away from them being able to come up with a real solution. A good service request management platform empowers your help desk workers to operate in the most efficient way possible, giving you plenty of reason to avoid skimping on this feature when you purchase a new solution.

4. Cost efficiency
Creating a cost-efficient help desk comes down to deploying the right features for your organization's operational needs while enabling your workers to operate up to their full potential. This must be accomplished while finding ways to not spend too much on a solution, as excess spending takes away from the value that is delivered over time. Modern service desk systems are much more adaptable than legacy options as they are built in the cloud, allowing you to add new features over time as you need them. This results in an environment in which it is much easier to create a cost-efficient setup because you don't have to worry about over buying and ending up with shelfware.

A good help desk will create value in a wide range of ways, and this potential ROI is a key component of why you shouldn't compromise when investing in a new system.