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4 Reasons Why We Love Business Intelligence (And You Should Too)

04/29/2014 by: The SunView Team

Business intelligence solutions are sweeping through the enterprise, revolutionizing how organizations manage their processes and improve operations. The same thing is starting to happen to the IT service desk, and we are on board the BI train to process gains.

Creating a service desk solution that still delivers incredible value is an obsession for us, and BI helps us give customers the benefits that we care about. Analytics capabilities play a vital role in enabling support personnel to get the job done as efficiently as possible. There's a lot to like when it comes to implementing BI solutions.

Four reasons why we love BI technology:

1. Better Forecasting
We've been talking about forecasting a lot recently, and with good reason. Being able to anticipate operational concerns associated with the service desk can be invaluable for managers trying to ensure consistent and effective operations. BI solutions gather and organize data into actionable information sets that managers can then use to develop support strategies. This can prove invaluable when the data gathered and analyzed by BI solutions is used to predict workloads, identify how new applications will impact support operations and align service desk strategies with corporate goals.

The forecasting capabilities that come with BI solutions enable all of these gains, creating significant value for businesses in a variety of industries.

2. Process Optimization
One reason businesses need to implement new service desk solutions is to help them deal with the challenges they are facing on a day-to-day basis. Incident management, problems, change requests and release operations can all be overwhelming for IT teams to deal with, and rising technology challenges are pushing many businesses to develop better ways to get the job done. Improving processes is often the first step to responding to innovation.

Any changes within an organization are often more difficult to deal with because employees already have so much to do. Using Advanced Analytics to identify ways to improve processes can help companies free workers from tedious everyday tasks and find more space in their day to handle new operations.

3. Improved Reporting
Managers can only adjust workflows, training programs and other initiatives in accordance to the information they have at their disposal. Personal observations are great, but being able to back such analysis with real data is integral in helping leaders prioritize different efforts and make the right choices at the right time. BI systems make this possible by gathering more analytics data and distributing it into powerful reporting that can detail just about anything about how the service desk operates.

4. It Makes Everything Easier
It can be easy for some people to feel threatened by BI solutions and similar tools. Becoming incredibly dependent on data can leave you thinking that the human side of managing the service desk slips to the background. BI solutions, however, are not about letting data rule an organization. Instead, they are about giving individuals the data they need to make better decisions, respond more quickly to issues and improve processes. The end result is a situation in which BI technology becomes a key tool for service desk managers, making their job easier.

Support teams face incredible pressure as businesses become more dependent on technology to get the job done. Using a BI system lets you simplify your operations by having accessible data to inform your decision making. In the end, a BI implementation within the service desk can make your day easier to get through.

Creating value through the service desk is paramount as organizations need a return on investment to justify IT spending. Support teams that want to maximize their value, and that of their service desk, will often find themselves falling in love with everything BI solutions have to offer, just like we have.