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4 Reasons We Love CMDBs (and You Should Too)

05/06/2014 by: The SunView Team

A business that implements a CMDB solution is clearly serious about its service management plans, and we love it when companies get serious about service management. Organizations are facing mounting technology challenges as they work to keep pace with a variety of industry trends while keeping up a breakneck pace of innovation. CMDBs accomplish this in a variety of ways, but primarily by creating transparency.

A CMDB creates this transparency by tracking all of the configuration items in an IT setup and displaying how they relate to one another. This functionality can be invaluable for organizations, creating results that have made us fall in love with the service management solution. Here are a few of those reasons:

1. CMDBs Ease BYOD Challenges
The bring-your-own-device movement creates incredible challenges for IT leaders. If your organization is left trying to protect data and deliver applications to personal smartphones and tablets you know that the complexity can leave your head spinning. You need to find ways to track how data moves through the configuration to end-user devices, understand how different applications work on various mobile operating systems and be sure that your various services work effectively on different device types.

Managing change over a complex configuration featuring smartphones and tablets can be incredibly daunting, but a CMDB enables IT teams to see every aspect of how that change will affect the IT setup, making it much easier to deal with the challenges brought on by BYOD.

2. CMDBs Eliminate Change-Related Risk
If you don't manage change well, you can end up in a situation in which any alteration to the configuration can create risk. One of the best ways to eliminate this risk is to make sure only the right people can perform different change operations. Adding your CMDB with its database of configuration items (CIs) to your change management processes can ensure that only approved individuals can complete change operations. For example, low-level managers may be able to complete basic changes without other authorizations, but a more complex operation may require approval by a supervisor before it can be enacted.

This method of associating the CMDB database to change approvals makes it much easier to control and eliminate risk created by human error or having under-qualified employees completing complex operations.

3. CMDBs Improve Transparency
We mentioned this earlier, but it is worth a closer look. Businesses using CMDBs get a clear view of all of the configuration items in their IT setup. However, the visibility does not end there. CMDBs are designed to also showcase the relationships between different CIs. This results in an operational climate in which IT leaders can quickly and efficiently identify the nuances of the technology environment. Visibility can make it much easier to handle day-to-day operations efficiently and help companies streamline their processes.

4. CMDBs Prevent Knowledge Gaps From Developing
Some organizations get into trouble when highly-skilled IT personnel establish nuanced service frameworks, hardware setups or application architectures, but do not document those efforts before leaving the company. When that worker moves on to a new position or different organization, the business can be left with a major knowledge gap as the remaining IT professionals may not understand the nuances of the systems configured by their peers.

CMDBs can be used as a knowledge center that documents every application, software system, hardware solution and process and shows interdependency. New workers can be much easier to integrate into such a clearly documented IT environment.

These are just four of the reasons why we love CMDBs, and we think that organizations that implement the service management solution will find that these benefits, and many more, will leave them enamored with the solution.