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4 Reasons We Love Change Management (And You Should Too)

06/18/2014 by: The SunView Team

You know how if you want to get somebody talking all you have to do is ask them about something they love? Well, ask us about change management and we can go on for days. The service management solution plays an incredibly valuable role in any service desk because it creates a huge return on investment by eliminating one of the most common causes of revenue loss related to IT - unplanned outages.

As if that wasn't enough, a good change management suite improves processes, eases regulatory compliance and is able to solve a wide range of operational problems.

Four especially noteworthy reasons why we love change management are:

1. Removes Risk

A substantial number of unplanned IT outages are caused directly by errors made during a change. For example, a worker who inadvertently restarts servers out of order and ends up shutting a system down before it has been updated not only causes an unplanned outage, but could create extended downtime as getting systems running again can take a long time. These types of unplanned outage events can be extremely problematic when change processes are not clearly documented and coordinated across the entire IT configuration.

Even a small change made at the wrong time or to the wrong system can lead to downtime and significant revenue or productivity losses. Change management solutions help eliminate these issues.

2. Eases Regulatory Compliance
A change management system helps you deal with industry regulations in a few ways. One is that it lets you build in reminders to perform certain processes in specific ways within the process framework. For example, a worker who needs to make a small configuration change may have a reminder pop up on the screen to perform a specific action with certain data on that system before completing the change task to comply with regulatory guidelines.

At the same time, change management platforms can also be used to record different change processes as they have been completed. This provides a built-in audit trail making it easier to identify when regulatory breaches occurred or providing evidence that an issue was not the fault of poor management.

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3. Improves Application Releases
Change and release management are too distinct parts of the service desk, but there are aspects of a release that involve completing changes. As such, organizations need to make sure they have a good change management system in place if they want to streamline their application release operations. A change management platform provides a foundation for process efficiency and effective operational coordination within a release function. This makes the tool an ideal solution as more companies face a growing need to release more applications, with greater speed.

4. Introduces Checks and Balances
Every good IT department or service desk has a system of checks and balances in place to make sure managers are able to identify what workers are doing and ensure they are getting the job done correctly. The challenge here is that the various methods for verifying employee operations need to be strict enough to have a meaningful role in eliminating error, but also loose enough that IT workers can feel trusted and free to work autonomously when needed.

A change management platform provides a variety of collaboration, coordination and authorization tools that allow managers to build in reminders and other key features that help employees completing change functions do so in the best way possible. For example, instructions to complete a change request could provide a checklist of best practices that the IT worker needs to follow to minimize risk. These types of reminders provide a foundation for accountability and oversight without stifling workers with micromanagement.

Change management platforms provide lots to love, in no small part because they give you an ability to control operations when handling some of the most difficult issues service desk teams face - change requests.