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4 Quick Tips About IT Service Management

09/15/2014 by: The SunView Team

Investing in IT service management tools to improve solution delivery and operational efficiency is becoming increasingly popular as companies become more dependent on IT. Trends like the consumerization of IT, cloud computing and big data are all putting more pressure on technology workers to take ownership of strategy and revenue creation through effective technology spending. Creating value for business users is a major component of meeting new demands on IT, and service management tools create a return on investment by ensuring technology issues do not get in the way of workers getting the job done.

ITSM is becoming more important all the time, and these tips will help you get any service management plan off on the right foot:

1. ITSM Doesn't Have to be Complicated
IT service management is often considered the Holy Grail of support and management solutions, but organizations can apply ITSM principles through advanced help desk solutions that emphasize efficient incident management or even by equipping the service desk with process automation tools.

2. ITSM Isn't Just for Large Companies
Service management tools are often built to help organizations with complex IT systems align and manage application delivery and user support across various technical systems. For a long time, this meant ITSM was only important for large organizations. However, businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on hybrid IT strategies and technology teams need to focus on making sure IT systems integrate well with business needs. As such, ITSM principles are key regardless of how large your company is.

3. Don't Neglect the CMDB
Configuration management databases are complex and difficult to populate, but in the end they can end up serving as the foundation for advanced service management processes. Skipping the CMDB may be tempting, but it's often best to deal with the challenges and establish the database.

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4. ITSM Solutions are More Accessible Than You may Think
For a long time, building out any ITSM systems was an expensive and arduous process fraught with opportunities for major problems. Many ITSM software systems now operate in the cloud or with cloud-like features, making them much easier to put into place and leverage effectively.

Building out ITSM solutions can play a key part in helping IT teams avoid lost productivity, minimize risk and ensure business users have their needs met as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you want a help desk, a service desk or a fully-featured ITSM platform, the core principles that guide ITSM practices are becoming vital at every level of support operations.