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4 Key Challenges Facing the Service Desk in 2015

01/15/2015 by: The SunView Team

A new year is bound to bring new challenges in any industry, but those difficulties are particularly apparent in the IT service desk sector. In 2014, cloud computing took another step into the mainstream, big data plans escalated, increased smartphone and tablet use started to have a larger impact on businesses and the Internet of Things movement started to take hold of operations. All of these technology trends are coming together to form a new operational paradigm that businesses must be ready to deal with, especially as these IT movements continue to expand and mature in 2015.

Making effective service desk choices is going to be key to keep up with new technology challenges. Four key issues facing the service desk in 2015 include:

1. The IoT
The IoT movement involves connecting more diverse device types to the network and using those sensors, monitoring systems, smartphones, embedded software platforms and environmental solutions to the network. In some cases, these devices will be connecting to the Web and delivering data to cloud apps and services that users can leverage to perform various business and personal tasks. In other instances, the IoT devices an organization uses may be attached exclusively to the corporate network, and provide internal visibility and support for a variety of apps and services. There will also be situations where both options are used. However, the clear common factor is that there are more devices for the IT service desk to manage, deploy and maintain. Furthermore, the IoT will create a need for new apps and services to support end users.

2. Software-defined data centers
Trends like the IoT have created new conversations surrounding software-defined networks and storage environments, and the result is the beginnings of a move toward virtualization through every facet of the data center. This adds considerable complexity for IT service management teams, as they will need to keep the resource abstraction caused by virtualization in mind as they perform change and release management tasks.

3. The consumerization of IT
The consumerization movement keeps rolling along as cloud and mobile technologies release workers from their traditional desk spaces and allow them to get the job done in a wider variety of ways. Consumerization presents many challenges to the service desk, including a need to be more responsive as employees expect consumer-like care and attention from their support teams. As cloud computing, mobility strategies and increased video consumption all expand as trends in 2015, support teams will need to be ready to engage with users in a more customer-centric way, even if those individuals are corporate employees and not traditional consumers.

4. Security
All of this change throughout the broad IT landscape points to a significant need for advanced data protection methods. New technologies are inherently prone to creating security problems as the technical instability created with such solutions leads to a challenging operational climate. Whether it is vulnerabilities in new apps, challenges monitoring the network because so many IoT devices are connecting to the LAN or databases that become unwieldy because they are constantly being adjusted relative to new information coming in from IoT systems and data virtualization platforms that move the information across physical hardware, IT teams will face numerous storage challenges throughout the year.

A new year brings with it new opportunities for success. Technology is increasingly a way for businesses to gain a competitive edge, but they are only going to do so if they are able to manage and support those solutions effectively. Preparing for these four upcoming service desk challenges can set a foundation for positive momentum in the year ahead.