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4 Issues Businesses Face When Depending Heavily on IT

05/01/2014 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk

The information technology market has been gaining considerable momentum in recent years. Rising enterprise dependence on IT systems has become a common trend, and the movement is extending beyond large corporations into the small business segment. Companies of every size are becoming more dependent on technology to stay connected to customers, engage with other organizations and stay ahead of competitors.

While advanced IT solutions can deliver incredible value, they can also create major new challenges. These concerns make having an advanced service management strategy in place vital. Four issues IT-dependent companies face that highlight the importance of a good IT service desk or help desk solution are:

1. Increased damages from downtime
A few years ago, a company that experienced an internet outage may have been left with workers having to focus on less technical processes for a while. If an application went down, there were still plenty of other ways to get the job done. More recently, however, businesses have become dependent on their IT services to support almost all of their day-to-day operations. As such, an internet outage means workers can be left sitting around with nothing to do. Similarly, downtime for a critical app can disrupt operations for an entire department.

A good service desk is vital in order to have an effective response to downtime. But IT leaders are often best served combining an investment in a service desk solution with a good change management platform to help eliminate risk associated with change processes.

2. Heightened complexity
IT systems have always been complicated, but the need to support a wider range of business functions has led to a considerable escalation in this area. Plenty of IT managers have worked to handle projects like network virtualization, hardware consolidation, cloud and traditional system integration and even desktop virtualization. These technology projects can deliver incredible results for business users, especially for organizations that need to support flexible operational structures. However, having more data in less hardware, and going out to a wider range of destinations adds considerable complexity for IT managers.

A good service desk solution can help IT teams make sense of the configuration. CMDB systems, in particular, are integral to enabling IT managers to gain a bird's eye view of an organization's technology environment.

3. Rising volume of service requests
When workers begin to rely more on technology, they are likely going to be using a wider range of solutions, or at least spending more time with the systems they are running. This can result in a significant increase in problem and incident management tasks. Delivering business value is dependent on access to functionality technology in such settings, leaving support teams in a situation where they must be prepared to handle the higher volume of service requests.

4. Greater potential for self service
Business employees becoming more dependent on technology does create one positive issue for support teams to deal with - more opportunities for self-service. While creating knowledge centers that let users solve their own problems can create considerable gains in dealing with tedious incidents, it also presents some problems. The first, and clearest, issue is the need to build a good knowledge center and forums to meet end-user demands.

The more problematic issue, however, is to address the right issues in the knowledge center. Tech-savvy workers have gained a reputation as being willing to work around their own problems if IT can't solve them. While this may ease service management challenges, it can also lead to considerable regulatory and security risk. The end result is an environment in which a good knowledge center may soon become a necessity, not a luxury.

Increased business reliance on technology can create many issues for IT teams, but a good service management strategy can resolve plenty of these problems.


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