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3 Ways to Tell if Your Service Desk Team Has Been Naughty or Nice

12/25/2015 by: The SunView Team

We've arrived at the time of year when Santa Claus famously makes a list of every child in the world, weighs his or her actions through the year and determines if the individual has been naughty or nice. The analytics clout that Kris Kringle must have at his disposal is staggering. With performance reviews, budget decisions and similar efforts coming into play with a new year on the horizon, many businesses are working on their own naughty-nice lists. How is your IT service desk making its decisions?

Business intelligence tools are increasingly included as a component of modern IT service desk solutions, and platforms like incident management will track everyday operations and feed that data into your connected BI platform. Three ways a BI module combined with other advanced service desk tools can provide insights into how your support team is getting the job done include:

1. Track Key Performance Indicators
KPIs are a vital tool when it comes to making a quick identification on whether an employee is performing well or struggling. Essentially, it gives you the basis for a simple naughty-nice list. You can set the KPIs based on the priorities within your organization, but they often include information like average resolution time for incidents that come to users, how long it takes support personnel to complete the initial response or similar data.

These bits of information should align with your cultural goals. For example, if you really want to focus on creating a positive customer experience, then you will want to track initial response times and details pertaining to how well your users communicate with business teams. If precision is your goal, however, you may want to track data dealing with how well support team members permanently resolve incidents or how efficiently they escalate complex issues.

Regardless of which issues you track, having well-defined KPIs makes it much easier to identify who has been successful on your IT service desk and who is falling behind.

2. Get Access to Deep Data
If you're looking for a quick evaluation, KPIs are exactly what you need. If you want to take a deeper dive to understand the context around how your team is working, you need to be able to dig a bit deeper. Business intelligence tools are vital here as they gather a wide range of information types from your various IT service desk modules to give you a clear picture of your team operates. This lets you not only see how individuals work, but how they operate in the context of the team, how different factors impact their day and which types of support tickets cause problems for your various users.

Being able to carefully analyze your support team lets you move beyond looking at how your support team operates and understand why they work in that way. If Santa had this functionality, he wouldn't just be able to tell if Billy was naughty or nice, but also know why he acted that way.

Context is critical if you really want to maximize the value of data, and business intelligence tools make that possible.

3. Make the Raw Data Accessible
Part of the magic of Santa's famous list is that it is so simple, but gets the job done precisely. In the end, there are only two options - naughty or nice - and any elf in the workshop can quickly scan the list and identify whether to send along a toy or a lump of coal. If you want analytics data from your service desk to be similarly useful, you need to develop ways to showcase that information so that business leaders can understand how to add value to the service desk, managers can evaluate individuals and users can identify how they fit within the team.

BI solutions feature visualization tools that le you take complex data sets and easily turn them into graphs, charts and similar visual aids to ensure that your various IT service desk stakeholders are able to use BI data to create meaningful value for your organization.

Santa's workshop is often viewed as a model of chaotic efficiency. You can take the lesson of the simple naughty-nice list and use it to maximize the potential value of your service desk.

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