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3 Ways to Lower Your Service Desk Staff Turnover

11/28/2012 by: The SunView Team


More than 55% of YOUR Service Desk staff will be leaving in the next 12 months. Really! That is one of the findings in the recent Technology Industry Survey 2012 from Computer Weekly and Mortimer Spinks. There are some interesting facts that this survey brings to light, some that may directly impact your IT Organization.

We all know that the Help/Service Desk can be a thankless, endless, often times negative role within the department. But are you about to lose over 55% of your staff? That is what the survey says, but there are ways to improve the churn.

The Help Desk position within your IT Organization is probably the most dissatisfied group in the survey. Yes, I purposely wrote "YOUR" organization, because if you are thinking, "Oh, he can't be referring to us" you may be surprised.

The results may be startling:

Technology professionals may be a happy bunch, but ‘happy' doesn't, it seems, equate to loyal. Almost 40% of participants are looking to be in a different job within 12 months; this rises to around two-thirds for the most technical roles. Even if we were to assume only half of those 40% are successful it still leaves one in five IT workers leaving their employer. That's a huge number of empty seats on projects, helpdesks or software development teams.

Although two thirds of the survey participants responded saying that they are happy with their current package, more than 70% of the Help Desk respondents are unhappy with their remuneration. This fact leads to an interesting opportunity for your IT Organization. The survey reports that the average IT professional "cares about money, but - much more - values challenging projects and interesting work colleagues over pay."

So here are 3 ideas to decrease the Service Desk churn within your IT Organization.

#1 More Pay
Need I say more? The survey says 70% of the Help Desk staff are unhappy with their pay. This is where I like to point out that instead of trying to minimize costs, an IT organization should be trying to maximize their value. Implementation of an ITIL-based framework for your ITSM will add value and drive efficiency and ROI.

#2 Make it Interesting
No, I am not suggesting Gamification of the Service Desk! Boy, that was Monday's post. But, like I mention in the previous post, there are areas that you can make the Service Desk a better environment and remove some of the monotonous workload as well. Implementing a Service Catalog and having a well documented Knowledge Base are 2 real world, cost-efficient improvements that can have a positive impact on the staff.

#3 Promote from within
The survey makes note of the fact that more than 80% of the respondents feel that they are more likely to advance in their careers by changing companies. This is one factor that you may actually have control over. If some of your Service Desk were promoted, others would see that there is a potential for advancement. Oh, and imagine if a select few of your Service Desk were actually promoted to something outside of the Service Desk! Wow, what a morale booster. I can almost guarantee that at least one of your Service Desk staff has a degree in something that would be beneficial in another department. That may even be the original reason that they joined your company.

Keeping more of your Service Desk staff is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Keep it interesting, make promotion from within the rule not the exception and there is that more money thing too.

Flickr Image by PinkMoose

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