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3 Ways to Deal With an Incident Apocalypse

08/08/2014 by: The SunView Team

Incidents are kind of like zombies. They are hard to kill or deal with unless you get them in just the right spot. One or two incidents may not be that big of a deal, but they can quickly swarm into your ticketing system creating a terrifying work day. They are also all similar enough in some way that, eventually, they all kind of blend together. Like any good survivor during a zombie apocalypse, service desk teams have a variety of tools at their disposal to deal with a rising tide of incidents that are difficult to handle.

A few IT service management tools that can help you fight a horde of incident requests include:

Incident Management
This is the shotgun of your arsenal. You have to get up close and personal, handling the support ticket directly, but a good incident management platform gives you the ability to leverage solutions like automation to take out a number of similar incidents with one good shot. Throw in specialized tools that let you apply prior knowledge to your incident management strategies, and you have a service management tool that will let you take out a few incidents with each well-placed foray into the horde.

Business Intelligence
Every fight against zombie invasion needs strategic oversight to identify the areas with the greatest risk and distribute resources effectively. BI technology serves as this strategic center, giving organizations the analytics functionality they need to identify common incidents, prescribe responses to common issues and figure out the most effective way to train service desk teams to deal with a deluge of incidents.

Problem Management
A good weapon and effective strategies will help you survive the zombie apocalypse, but preventing the same problem from coming back hinges on finding a cure to the condition. When dealing with a large group of shambling incidents threatening productivity, the service desk can turn to problem management to identify the underlying issues that cause incidents and resolve them. This can stop the zombie horde from expanding, letting you systematically pick through its ranks until incidents are manageable again.

There are times, perhaps when a new application releases or IT chooses to support a new mobile operating system, when support teams are left with what feels like a growing horde of incidents that threatens to overwhelm them and derail operations. Dealing with this threat is much easier when the service desk is equipped to deal with these threats and handle incidents as efficiently as possible.