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3 Ways the Service Desk Can Drive Efficiency for Government Agencies

09/10/2014 by: The SunView Team

Government organizations are facing mounting pressure to operate more efficiently while becoming more dependent on IT solutions. The result is a situation in which the IT service desk is more important than ever in government. Eliminating waste is a central component of this movement, as removing paper-based process in favor of IT solutions enables government agencies to get rid of wasteful processes and serve the public with greater ease. Three service desk modules are particularly noteworthy in how they help government agencies improve efficiency:

1. Incident Management
Dealing with day-to-day incidents efficiently is critical in avoiding productivity losses created by simple break/fix events and similar issues. Productivity losses can be a huge source of waste for government agencies, and incident management platforms offer the advanced ticketing and basic automation tools needed to eliminate waste by enabling more rapid and intelligent support.

2. Problem Management
Waste is inherently present if organizations are constantly dealing with the same incidents and failing to solve the underlying problems that cause those incidents. Problem management is dedicated to identifying patterns in incident requests and finding the core issues that are causing end-user disruption. This makes problem management integral in waste elimination because it actually solves core IT problems and ensures end users and support teams are not frequently having to deal with the same issues.

3. Change Management
Change often leads to waste as so much effort is put into ensuring precision and minimizing risk that processes must slow down. Change management platforms featuring scheduling, automation and collaboration tools enable organizations to handle change with minimal risk. The result is a situation in which government organizations can quickly enact change with minimal effort.

Bonus - Service Request Management
Differentiating between different service request types - for example, separating break/fix incidents from service requests - plays a key role in positioning support teams to prioritize user issues and ensure a rapid response to issues as they come up. A service request management platform is the first step in maximizing the value of a variety of IT service management systems, and as such plays a key role in helping government organizations create as much value as possible from their technology investments.

Creating efficiency in government is about finding ways to do more with less. This means creating the greatest return possible from every investment and eliminating waste whenever possible. Strategic IT service desk investments deliver in both of these areas.