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3 Ways That Process Excellence Impacts Project Management

03/18/2014 by: The SunView Team

Line of business process modules

The process management tools included in a good IT service desk do not have to be used exclusively for service management functionality. Instead, organizations can employ the technology for a wide range of line-of-business functions, delivering efficiency across a wide range of operational areas.

Businesses are becoming more dependent on technology across every phase of operations, whether it be accounting, human resources or project management. Furthermore, technology is leading to greater diversification in the workplace, as smartphones and tablets enable workers to get the job done from a variety of locations, using a diverse array of technological tools. All of these factors can lead to major collaboration and process integration challenges, something that project managers cannot tolerate. IT project leaders that want to ensure smooth collaboration and better processes in the teams they oversee can benefit substantially by using IT service desk solutions. A few ways to use the service desk to enable process excellence include:

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1. Gain oversight on key metrics
Project managers need to be able to measure performance. The more data they can get, the more likely they will be able to identify the nuances of how a project is going. Talking with stakeholders, engaging with teams and looking at results is still critical, but project managers also need to get a top-down perspective on operations so they can make objective process evaluations to ensure the effort stays on track. This is where key performance indicators and other nuanced data sets become incredibly important.

A good service desk that enables better collaboration between team members can also report operating data to project managers, giving them the freedom to use the line-of-business service desk module to develop a better operational framework for the project.

2. Introduce more collaboration
It is easy for one worker on a team to complete an operation and have the next step sit in limbo until that individual is able to take the time to contact another stakeholder in the project and tell that person that they can move forward. This manual communication and collaboration is especially problematic as workers use more devices and a wider range of communication tools to get the job done. Project team members need to not only learn the contact info for different stakeholders, they need to figure out which communication method works best based on where that person happens to be working at a given time. Does social media work better when one person is using a smartphone to work from a cafe, but email work better when the individual is in the office? Or should a team just use social or email for everything?

A service desk module focused on line-of-business applications can use ticketing functionality to track project processes holistically, providing built-in collaboration in a central system that all stakeholders can access from a variety of locations. This eliminates collaboration roadblocks and positions teams to work effectively.

3. Improve visibility
Reporting and collaboration improvements already touch on this area, but the overarching message of visibility cannot be ignored when talking about applying service desk functionality across line-of-business operations. IT project managers depend on visibility to oversee a project, but they also need it to report to their superiors and keep projects on budget. The end result is an environment where, even if visibility is not used for reporting and collaboration, it can be used to inform management strategies as a whole and help leaders improve both day-to-day and strategic plans.

IT service desk solutions focus on connecting and coordinating operations across diverse teams in multiple locations. These functions can be applied to line-of-business areas, such as project management, and create incredible value for organizations.