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3 Ways Service Desk Process Modules Can Benefit Facilities Teams

07/29/2015 by: The SunView Team

Maintenance operations feature many of the complexities and customer interactions that take place on the IT service desk, creating a situation in which process modules can be invaluable for facilities teams. Facilities workers need to perform preventative maintenance tasks while balancing those functions with responding to user requests, making emergency repairs and performing scheduled maintenance. The scheduling, collaboration and service delivery tasks that come into play under these circumstances make process modules extremely valuable to the teams.

Support Cross-Department Collaboration
Increased dependence on IT assets within organizations has made reliance on facilities capabilities more important than ever. This is especially true in places like the data center, but even basic offices have IT equipment that is used for a wide array of functions. For example, if a projector isn't working correctly in a conference room where a major presentation is scheduled, facilities teams need to be ready to quickly respond to that support request. Furthermore, the line between which maintenance tasks count as IT and which are handled by the facilities team make cross-departmental collaboration crucial in order to maximize efficiency of operations.

Leveraging Visibility
Process modules can also give managers a top-down view of how services are being delivered. This can simplify scheduling, human resources management within the facilities team and team-building efforts. Essentially, facilities managers can take all of the scheduling functionality that is available to service desk leaders and use them to schedule everyday operations. In turn, managers can easily identify who has time to deal with service requests as they come in and quickly alert personnel if an emergency situation arises that requires their attention.

Delivers Organizational Value
Delivering value from your process module investment hinges on being willing to use the solution in diverse ways. Besides scheduling, process modules can be set up to automatically document maintenance tasks - leading to significant regulatory compliance gains. You can also build reference materials and other knowledge into your processes to make sure users always have the information they need to work as efficiently as possible.

At the end of the day, a process module can deliver value in diverse ways, giving you an opportunity to improve facilities operations to the point that you can reduce operational costs substantially and create more flexibility for projects to deliver a higher return on investment.